Feeling Low? 6 Foods To Make You Feel Instantly Happy

The world is depressing, but your food shouldn’t be. Technically, who even doesn’t get happy on hearing ‘FOOD’ (unless it is lettuce without dressing). We understand that the bank account that keeps slamming ‘BROKE’ on your face every time you go through your statements or watching Kardashians as the first thing on your Instagram feed, can blow your fuse. But as long as there is Food, there is hope. And where there is hope there is a happy ray of sunshine. 

While pizza can easily entice you, reading everything hitherto but pizza is definitely not what we mean by a happy food. Nothing screams happy as ‘Organic’. So if happy and gay is actually your goal amid all the chaos of living and kicking, check out these 6 foods that are scientifically proven to lighten up your mood, instantly

1. Avocado

The next time you hear anyone say, ‘I dont like avocado’, change your company instantly. Numerous benefits of this golden fruit make it a must-have in your diet plan. Avocado contains Tryptophan, the amino acid that boosts the production of serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is a chemical that performs the function of making a person feel happy. Think of it as the most upbeat song that you play after an entire day of exhaustion. That’s exactly what a good amount of Serotonin does to a gloomy mind.

So the next time you feel that the world is mean to you, let avocado make it a little better place for you.

2. Kale

If you thought of kale as just another boring member of the cabbage family, think again. Something that lower the risk of depression and help reduce anxiety can certainly never be mundane. You can think of Kale as a not so good looking guy with a really good sense of humor (caught your attention? There you go). Calcium is scientifically proven to keep anxiety in check and kale comes in its rich quantity. In addition, phytonutrients present in kale keeps depression at bay. 

3. Crab

Whether you like the sea or not, this seafood is definitely going to give you a reason to be thankful to aquatic life. If lack of motivation, anxiety, and depression is slowly suffusing your life with crap, it is the time you grab a crab. The high level of dopamine found in crab boosts motivation and lowers anxiety, thus keeping depression in check. Dopamine is a chemical that the brain releases naturally once it sees a prospect of happiness. Bumped into your favourite actor accidentally in a restaurant and felt jubilant? That’s dopamine on work. When you are too low to feel cheerful about anything, eat crabs for it induces the production of dopamine even when you don’t want to feel happy. 

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4. Green Tea

Caffeine is definitely not the reason why green tea is on the list. There is something you don’t know about our favourite antioxidant that alleviates mood instantly. Green tea contains an amino acid called L-theanine that stimulates alpha waves in the brain. Brain waves or alpha waves are produced when the mind is in a calm state, thus theanine actually calms the brain down. Consequently, green tea leaves a soothing, calm effect on the person consuming it. 

Oh, did we mention that green tea also boosts the production of serotonin and dopamine thus helping you to deal with anxiety and depression? Thank us later.

5. Oysters

Another seafood on the list to upbeat your mood. As fancy and delicious oysters are, there is no doubt that they are quite high in nutritional values. Oysters are a rich source of zinc, iron, potassium, and omega-3 which are tested to help cope up with depression and anxiety.

6. Tomatoes

Now that’s a form of happiness that always resides in your kitchen. Isn’t it? And if you feel that consuming tomatoes has never significantly helped to lighten up your mood, then probably you are doing it the wrong way. Start incorporating tomatoes in your salad. Consuming tomatoes as salad is more beneficial since lycopene, an antioxidant proven to provide protection to your brain from depression, resides in tomato’s skin. Apart from the numerous benefits of tomatoes, making you feel happy is one reason why this round-red vegie should be on your favourite list.

The foods mentioned above can certainly make up feel happier than you did while reading this article. You’re welcome.


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