Drug Abuse: Why You Need To Stop ASAP

Drug addiction is a leech that sticks to one’s skin and sucks all that the body has got, the only difference being that by the time you may realise that you need to stop, you are already enslaved by the process. Worse is, you don’t even want to stop. Drug addiction and its abuse don’t come with a prescribed eligibility age or gender. Starting followed by its exploitation is all that is required for teenagers, adults, senior citizens, man, woman or anyone to get stuck into the vicious cycle. One common misconception that surrounds the initiation and perceptions towards drug addiction is that it is drug abuse only if the person is addicted to cocaine, heroin or LSD. A person can develop an addiction to painkillers, nicotine, alcohol, etc.  

Science Of Addiction

A person becomes addicted to a certain thing when it either ignites the feeling of euphoria of the brain of an individual or it serves as a source of escape from the exhaustion of brain, particularly depression, anxiety, bipolarity or any other medical disorder. Addiction can be defined as a chronic brain disorder where a person is unable to stop the usage of a particular substance, therefore, becoming dependant on it.

Addiction occurs when the neurotransmission and interactive mechanism resulting in the reward system of the brain is damaged which results in the external prompting of the body in accordance with past reward experiences in the form of alcohol, sex, drugs, etc.

Addiction occurs in three stages,

  • First is the stage of initiation. Stats report that the maximum number of people begin the usage of drugs, or at least try, in teenage. The factors stimulating the initiation of drug usage are-
  1. Underdeveloped frontal cortex that is responsible for rational thinking.
  2. Peer pressure
  3. Curiosity
  4. Escape from a mental disorder
  • Second, is the stage of testing and trial where a person starts incorporating the usage of the substance in significant events of life like parties, celebrations, etc. An individual starts exploring different ways and occasions of consuming the substance.
  • The third is the stage where an individual begins the uniform usage of the substance. Uniform usage means that a person develops a pattern of the consumption that is identifiable and followed strictly
  • The fourth stage involves the reflection of drug usage. You significantly resonate changes that start leaving an impact on your work, relationship and social life.
  • The fifth stage is where the addiction can be recognised distinctly since a person develops a dependence for the substance. This dependence occurs in three forms:
  1. Tolerance- an individual starts needing a greater quantity of drug for the same high
  2. Physical dependence- upon withdrawal from the substance, the person exhibits the symptoms of deterioration of physical well being.
  3. Psychological dependence- it is when a lack of drug intake starts affecting the mental state of the person thereby resulting in dizziness, depression, anxiety and hallucinations.

Symptoms Of Drug Abuse

You know you are addicted when

  1. There is an uncontrollable urge to consume drug even when it stops the arrival of any other thought in your mind.
  2. Maintaining the proper stock of drugs so as to carry out the usage at any time.
  3. Managing the arrangement of the drug by hook or by crook even if stealing is the option.
  4. Cutting out on responsibilities.
  5. Experiencing withdrawal signs on the attempt to stop the consumption.
  6. Increasing the drug intake with time.

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Drug Abuse

Drug abuse is different from drug addiction. While drug addiction is a grave condition, drug abuse is biologically less harming. It’s a condition where a person can stop but doesn’t want to. Drug abuse is when the consumption of drugs leads to a legal problem, harming someone or oneself under drug influence and inability to deliver results at professional and personal life.

What Drugs Are Doing To You?

Impacts of drug consumption are far-reaching:

  1. It affects the memory and brain functioning of a person to a great deal. The frontal cortex is affected thereby resulting in weak attention, incapability to focus, poor decision making and weak memory.
  2. It makes a person prone to diseases since the immune system is damaged.
  3. Cardiovascular and lung diseases turn into a guest who pays very frequent visits thereby increasing the chances of cancer.
  4. Change in appetite and weight.

Psychologically, drug intake is the holy grail of mental disaster-

  1. It can make an individual paranoid.
  2. It can build aggressive behaviour
  3. A person hallucinates
  4. Poor self-control and decision making reflecting impulsive behaviour.


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