Is your diet causing your joint pain? Your Arthritis? Is it possible that your diet could be causing it or making it worse? Or could it be damaging your joints permanently? These are some good questions and we need to talk about these. There are millions of people in the United States and in the world who suffer from severe debilitating arthritis in the joints and arthritis is just a word that means inflammation inside of the joints. 

Now so many people think that it is because of wear and tear, they have worn their joints out, etc. It is completely inaccurate, it is a myth and is not true at all. 

First of all, let us completely destroy this wear and tear myth. Your joints are not like solid rocks. They are being constantly regenerated and renewed. New cells are being formed while the old cells are dying, cartilage is being replaced all the time. Now many orthopedic surgeons will love for you to believe that once your joints form and you are an adult then that is it. It never gets better but only gets worse with time because you ‘wear’ it out. 

And if you have a very physically straining job, you are a factory worker, you do a lot of hard menial labor work, you feel like you have worked very hard that your joints have worn out. Understand this, your body is not like a car. 

The more you drive your body, it does not wear out. You should not keep your body in the garage and it does not work for the human body. The human body and the joints are constantly rejuvenating and repairing, if you are feeding your body the correct diet and if you are using your joints appropriately. 

So do not believe the wear and tear myth as it is a lie and doctors tell this to their patients especially to get paid well. There is absolutely zero research that backs up the wear and tear myth. 

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The ketogenic way of eating is highly recommended. Or a low carb high healthy fat diet or even a carnivore diet. For different people, these diets are perfect for them. Many people who are suffering from arthritis and are ready to get their knees replaced with an artificial knee should try the ketogenic diet before they try to get their knee replaced. 

They should do the ketogenic diet for at least three months to get great results. So there are some foods that you are going to completely remove when you will be following the ketogenic diet. These are listed down below with the most important to the less important. 


By far the most important thing to remove is carbohydrates from your system on a daily intake basis. What carbohydrates does is that it raises the insulin level and the blood sugar level. 

So when you slash these out of your diet your insulin and your blood sugar level will be low and normal. And that is where they need to be. When your blood sugar and your insulin is chronically high, that absolutely inflames and damages the lining of your joints. 

So you want to eat as much of low carbs as you can and that is going to decrease your blood sugar level and decrease your insulin levels, both of which will simmer down the inflammation in your entire body and of course also in your entire joints. 


Another thing that you have to get out of your diet is grains of any type. Now a lot of people have caught on to the fact that wheat can be inflammatory which includes processed wheat foods as well. It can inflame all parts of your body from your gut to your brains to your joints. So definitely the wheat has to go out of your diet. Wheat is not supposed to be consumed by human beings. You can eat wheat to keep you from starving to death, but it is not doing anything else other than that whatsoever. 

With that cut, the rice out of your diet cut the corn out of your diet and definitely cut the oats as well. All grains have defense proteins built into them to try to keep animals from eating them. 

Those proteins inflame different body parts and for many people, it has been their joints. Stopping the consumption of grains shows a noticeable change in the human body. 

Vegetable Oils

Canola Oil, Sunflower Oil, Soybean Oil, Corn oil, Peanut oil any of these oils are inflammatory as they have a terrible Omega-6 to Omega-3 ratio which can absolutely wreak havoc on most of your body parts. Especially your joints and so you have got to get the vegetable oils, Crisco, the Parquet, the Country Crock and everything that you do not believe is butter needs to be thrown away. 

You need to use grass-fed butter, bacon grease, avocado oil, olive oil and those types of things that are unsaturated fats. 

Liquid Dairy

Liquid dairy comes from reformed milk. It is recommended that you should use butter, the full-fat cheese, and sometimes heavy whipped cream but anything which is lesser in fat is just going to have a lot of lactose and a high number of the potentially inflammatory milk proteins in it that will inflame your joints. 


Another thing that people find that inflames their joints is nightshades this consists of peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants and several other little members of this species. If you have done a lot of these things right and are still having joint inflammation it is recommended to try a two or three month trial of not eating nightshades whatsoever and see if your joints do not get better.

Anti Inflammatory Pills 

Taking anti-inflammatories or taking steroids, block your inflammatory cascade at certain points and chronic inflammation is a bad thing. So to stop it with a pill is not a victory. You might get pain relief but you are still damaging your kidneys, your liver, and other major organs by taking these medications chronically and you do not want to do that whatsoever. 

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