Delicious and Nutritious, the Banana is an Allrounder Fruit

Who doesn’t love to gobble up a banana during a break? The luscious and sweet fruit is loved by millions all around the globe. From an add-on to your breakfast cereal bowl to your dinner’s dessert, the banana is magically versatile.

It is found in every corner of the world and is widely consumed due to its hundreds of benefits.  A few of them have been discussed below:

1. Rich Source Of Potassium

Potassium is a significant mineral that maintains proper cardiological health and blood pressure. Including foods that are rich in Potassium is highly necessary. Bananas contain a significantly high amount of potassium and thus they should be incorporated into our daily diet. Potassium also regulates the blood sugar level and water balance of the body.

Due to this, it is highly beneficial for the proper functioning of kidneys and bones. Apart from this, potassium is known to enhance the nervous system, stabilize neural function and reduce stress and anxiety. This is the reason why people are advised to snack on a banana when feeling low or stressed out.

2. Energy Booster

Professional athletes and gym trainers always advise eating bananas just before and/or after workouts. Most people prefer to have it directly, while the rest have it in the form of a milkshake or smoothie for extra benefits. The natural sugars present in bananas namely glucose, sucrose, and fructose are perfect for providing instant as well as constant energy.

Since complex sugars provide a slow yet steady supply of energy, eating bananas before going for a workout or a match would definitely provide you with lots of energy till the last run. Not only sugars, but the banana is also nature’s healthy combination of carbohydrates, amino acids, complex carbohydrates, and essential minerals that make it a perfect energy munch.

3. Improves Digestion

If you regularly suffer from indigestion or constipation, make it a habit to include bananas in your daily diet. They are stuffed with dietary fibers, both soluble and insoluble. Insoluble dietary fibers of bananas add bulk to the stool and prevent constipation and irregular bowel movements. Soluble fibers on the other hand aid digestion and reduce the rate of absorption of complex carbohydrates, thereby maintaining the blood sugar level.

Besides, bananas also help to prevent indigestion, bloating, and morning sickness. Pregnant women are usually advised to consume bananas in order to handle their morning sickness. It is a wise idea to eat bananas in case of digestive issues rather than opting for laxatives, sodas, and milk of magnesia.

4. Cure For Heartburn and Stomach Ulcers

Bananas are a known cure for heartburn and stomach ulcers. They contain compounds named sitoindosides, which enhance and increase the inner protective mucus layer of the digestive tract.   They also balance the pH of the entire tract, preventing any abdominal pain.

With time, sumptuous consumption of bananas forms a thick layer of mucus in the stomach that may prevent corrosion of stomach walls due to hydrochloric acid. This in turn prevents the formation of stomach ulcers and the healing of the previous ones. The resistant starch found in bananas is known to become a healthy supplement for gut bacteria, thereby improving gut health.

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5. Excellent Source Of Vitamin B6

Bananas are one of the biggest natural sources of Vitamin B6. It helps in the healthy production of hemoglobin thereby preventing the risk of iron-related problems like anemia. Vitamin B6 is exclusively beneficial for the brain and nervous system.

It not only improves brain health but also reduces the risk of degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s. It is also important for proper nerve impulses, maintenance of proper blood sugar levels, synthesis, and breakdown of amino acids. Vitamin B6 is also known to improve mood and reduce depression by increasing the production of happy hormones like serotonin and dopamine. It also helps in the production of antibodies and strengthens the immune system.

 6. Healthier Skin

Banana is a splendid fruit that does wonders to each aspect of the skin.  The fatty acid content of bananas hydrates and moisturizes the skin. It also prevents premature aging and wrinkling of skin by neutralizing free radicals and oxidative stress. This refers to the antioxidant properties of bananas, which also fight all other germs and impurities that might harm the skin.

Bananas are also great exfoliators and prevent acne and pimples. It prevents the production of excess sebum, thereby reducing the greasiness of the skin. Besides, also evens discolorations and pigmentations of the skin, giving it an even tone and texture. Bananas are also helpful against skin tanning, as they prevent the oxidative damage done by UV rays.

7. Anti-Cancer

Recent studies have found the application of bananas in treating cancers. Researchers say that dark-spotted ripe bananas are associated with the production of a compound called TNF- Tumor Necrosis Factor which inhibits the production and spread of cancer cells.

More the number of dark spots is the effectiveness against cancer. It increases the production of white blood cells, thereby increasing the body’s immunity against abnormal tumor cells. The antioxidant properties destroy free radicals that cause the formation of cancerous cells and also fight cancer in the initial stages.


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