Common Mistakes Made While Following A Ketogenic Diet

Following a Ketogenic diet is easy but doing it in the wrong manner is easier than you can comprehend. Most of us only know that carb consumption in this diet should be low and instead we should base our meals only on the consumption of fats. 

But just lowering your consumption of bread, rice, pasta, and noodles is not enough and it does not assure that you are following the diet correctly. You should be sure that you are making a few mistakes if you are not gaining results out of the Ketogenic diet. 

Hence here is a cohesion of things you may or may not do in your journey of Ketosis. 

1. Not Eating Enough Fat

We are warned against eating fat our entire lives because it will make you obese. Cutting back on all forms of fat and fatty foods like red meat, cheese, milk, eggs, and nuts. Saturated fats are also somewhat good for you. 

You might be surprised after reading the previous line. Every single cell in your entire body has a membrane which is supposed to have a healthy amount of cholesterol and other forms of saturated fats in order to function properly. 

Without enough fat your heart suffers, your brain suffers and every other part of your body with low levels of healthy fat suffers. You should have a healthy amount of fat in the Ketogenic diet. Being afraid of fat has to be overcome and stop ped. 

And instead, place it on unhealthy carbohydrates and sugars.

 2. A Low Intake of Salt and Electrolytes

Human beings like any other mammals need a lot of salt in order to function properly. You may have heard stories of mammals traveling for miles in order to find a salt rich rock or mud that they can lick to get that salt. 

This is also known as a mineral lick. They are not doing this because they are gluttons but because all mammals need lots of salt in order to function properly. As mentioned in the previous point we are also asked to refrain from consuming too much salt in our diets.

This again is a common misconception. The best way to know how to eat the right amount of salt you need is to salt to taste. If something does not taste salty enough, put some salt on it. 

If something is too salty, then you have put more salt on it than what is preferred by your body. It is as simple as that. You do not need to weigh and measure salt because your body will automatically tell you if you need more salt. 

Even if you have leg cramps at night your body lacks the necessary amount of salt. Not only do you need salt in the form of sodium or chloride but also in the form of magnesium and potassium. 

Now many ketogenic foods have potassium in it and eating a banana is not the only source for it. Avocados are an excellent source for potassium and magnesium, fatty meats are also a good source for both potassium and magnesium. 

You can also use potassium chloride which is a good quality sea salt or you can also buy some magnesium supplements if you feel you are lacking them in your diet. 

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3. Continuing To Snack 

One of the main things in the Ketogenic diet is that we do not follow discrete meals, instead we sit down and eat meals and suddenly stop eating them. What you are doing is that you are naturally implementing intermittent fasting

Just understand, human beings were not meant to snack all day. We are not cattle, hence we are not meant to graze all day long. We should one to three discrete meals a day which is had with hours of time in between where we are not eating. 

This allows our insulin levels to stay very normal and even our blood sugar levels are low and normal. Those are very good things and they are going to help you reach your goals by eating a ketogenic diet. 

4. Comparing Your Results With Someone Else’s

If you are a 40-year-old man and you are comparing your results with a 25-year-old man then you are going to be disappointed because of age matters for your weight loss and other goals you may have. 

Your gender matters. Your medical condition matters. What medications you take and what medications you do not take. How much sleep you get and how much stress is in your life. 

All of these matters. Your life is distinctively yours and you need to live it your way. You need to live it and stop comparing it with other people. Your weight loss may be faster than others as well as slower than others which is ok because you are headed towards your goals. 

Do not try to reach their goals. Doing so may be very discouraging as you will be trying too hard and not getting the same results as your friend. Stop comparing.  

5. Worrying About Portion Sizes Over Calories 

We as humans have been trying to count calories as a method of weight loss for almost a hundred years now. And you can see how well that has worked out for us. We have an epidemic that humanity has ever suffered from and America is on the top 5 of the list. 

It is safe to say that counting calories are a bad strategy for a long term means of weight loss. The same goes for restricting your portion size which seems the sensible and common thing to do if you are trying to lose your weight or are trying to improve your health. 

But one of the beautiful things about the Ketogenic diet is that you do not need to limit your portions. If you are hungry, you eat and you eat until you are full. Counting calories is a terrible method for weight loss in the long term. 

When you limit your portion sizes you reduce your metabolic rate. 

6. Trusting Food Manufacturers

Now whether these main-stream food manufacturers, keto manufacturers or even low carb manufacturers all of these guys play games when it comes to calculating the number of carbohydrates in their foods. 

They are going to pick really creative names and call it things that you might not recognize as being sugar at all. They might call things as net carbs and they are going to act like their total carb count is lower than what it actually is. 

Do not fall for any of that. You need to count total carbs and you need to never trust a food manufacturer with your health. Ideally, eating the proper way of following a ketogenic diet should include whole, real foods that are label-free. 

If you are eating with a long list of things written at the back, then you should not be eating it at all. 

7. Going Alone A Keto Diet

A beautiful thing about social media is that you do not need to be on your keto journey alone. You can reach out to people on Youtube or join keto diet following groups on any social media platform. 

You are among thousands of people who are following a ketogenic diet. Doing it alone is a recipe for disaster. Talk about it with your friends and family members who do not necessarily have to be doing it at the same time. 


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