In December 2019, when the reports of coronavirus infection emerged from Wuhan, China, nobody saw a worldwide pandemic beckoning.

It started with news that dozens of people in the city of Wuhan the Hubei Province – China’s seventh-largest city, have been diagnosed with pneumonia from an unknown source. Sources suggested that they were infected with a virus from an animal from the now-famous Huanan Seafood Market in Wuhan.

Whether this is true or not, no one expected the kind of pandemonium this deadly coronavirus has created worldwide. As of April 13, over 1.8 million cases of Coronavirus have been reported with over 114 thousand deaths already around the world!

On top of that, the coronavirus pandemic has successfully caused a total halt to big world activities like football matches, fashion events, world festivals and many more. We can say, the earth has suddenly been paused!

More surprising is the fact that this virus doesn’t recognize dignitaries, fame or age. So far, coronavirus cases have been identified with almost all age groups. From babies, young men and women to the old ones, the coronavirus keeps spreading and is still holding the world in a panic.

Although a general problem, requiring everyone to be more concerned about their homes and families. But with big names across the entertainment industry, sports and politics getting caught up with coronavirus. Fans around the world have been kept on their toes, praying and wishing it won’t get to their favorite celebrities.

An example of how sad the world can be when a celebrity departs was seen when Kobe Bryant’s mishap happened! What a tragedy it was! The world bled indeed!

The fact that the coronavirus is so deadly that it can kill if not detected early or contained makes it scary. So, hearing that your favorite celebrity contracted the virus is enough to panic already.

Celebrities with covid19: Who and Who?


Yes! No one is immune! Coronavirus recognizes no face nor status. Several high profile celebrities in the entertainment industry have announced that they tested positive for coronavirus. Some top celebrities with covid19 in the entertainment industry are:

1. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

The star couple is one of the first internationally recognized celebrities with covid19.

When our revered “American Cultural Icon”, Tom Hanks announced his coronavirus symptoms, the world was thrown into panic. His Instagram post, on March 11, 2020, which revealed how he and his wife Rita Wilson felt cold and tired, attracted over 3.5 million likes and comments from fans around the world.

The couple, who was in Australia at the time of announcement mentioned that they got tested after these recurring symptoms and tested positive for coronavirus. On March 16, they announced that they are recuperating at a rented apartment in Australia after a five-day stay at a hotel in Queensland.

Thankfully, by March 27, new pictures of these favorite couples revealed they have returned to Los Angeles, looking well and happy.

2. Idris Elba and Sabrina Dhorwe

Another high-profile case of celebrities with covid19 sprung out when the British star actor and musician, Idris Elba took to Twitter on March 16, to share a video revealing that he had tested positive for coronavirus.

The crazy thing about the covid19 virus is that people can be carrying it for as long as 14 days before showing any symptoms. Such is the case of Idris, who happened to be asymptomatic, showed no symptoms, yet tested positive for coronavirus. His decision to test for the deadly virus was prompted when he found out someone who he had met recently tested positive for coronavirus.

Five days later, on March 21, Sabrina Dhorwe, Idris’ wife announced that she had tested positive for coronavirus. This followed her decision to not allow Idris by himself in the trying time. Thus, she contracted the virus while taking care of him.

The couple has chosen to stay at home for recovery. Idris Elba, in his post, advised his fans and everyone out there to be pragmatic, careful and safe.

We must be! Now and then.

A video on Twitter by Idris confirmed they have successfully passed their quarantine period and feel good. Although, they are “stuck in limbo”. Idris claimed that they haven’t been able to return home from New Mexico, where they spent the recovery period. This was due to the unavailability of flight to convey them back yet.

3. Olga Kurylenko

The London-based, 40 years old actress and model, famously known as the Bond girl for her role in James Bond film, “Quantum of Solace” released in 2008. She joined the list of celebrities with covid19 on March 15.

She took to Instagram to announce that she had tested positive for coronavirus.

After being ill at home for about a week, with flu-like symptoms. She finally tested positive for coronavirus.

She further gave details about how she decided to recover. On her post on Instagram the next day, she revealed her refusal to stay in a hospital. She felt people who are “struggling with life” need that bed space more than her.

On March 22, Olga posted on Instagram that “she’s completely free from covid19”, sharing her experience as well as medications and diet she adopted for her recovery process.

4. Kristofer Hivju

“Tormund – the Giantsbane” as popularly known as from the popular American drama TV series, Games of Throne makes the list of celebrities with covid19. On March 16, he announced that he had tested positive for coronavirus, noting that he and his family are self-isolating at home.

Although he showed only minor symptoms, the Norwegian actor advised everyone out there against taking the deadly virus with levity and further enlisted safety measures to take.

So, here goes the fact! Coronavirus doesn’t recognize height nor body fitness. For our adorable Giantsbane to get infected, you aren’t safe either!

5. Pink

American singer, Alecia Beth Moore, popularly known as Pink joined the list of celebrities with covid19 on April 3 when she announced on Twitter.

She mentioned that she and her 3 years old son had recovered from covid19 having tested positive for coronavirus 2 weeks back. She emphasized on the realness of the virus and how it doesn’t recognize age. This is understandable given that her infant son contracted the virus.

She mentioned the need for more free testing facilities and backed it up by donating a million dollars to the coronavirus relief funds.

6. Charlotte Lawrence

The 19-year old singer announced via her Instagram page that she had tested positive for coronavirus. She joined the list of celebrities with covid19 on March 18.

She wrote a lengthy message to her fans assuring them that she’ll be fine and specially pleading to everyone out there to help reduce the spread by staying indoors.

7. Daniel Dae Kim

The 51-year old American actor who starred as Chin Ho Kelly in Hawaii five-0 joined the list of celebrities with covid19. On March 19, he had tested positive for coronavirus. In the Instagram video, he shared his experience, symptoms, and how he self-quarantined at home in Hawaii.

He pleaded that the virus should be taken seriously. The Lost star didn’t hesitate to put a smile to his fans’ faces amidst the panic. He joked that it is an honor to be in the list of celebrities with covid19 along with the likes of Tom Hanks and Idris Elba.

He concluded the video by also thanking his family, friends, and fans for their support and messages.

8. Slim Thug

On March 24, rapper slim thug joined the long list of celebrities with covid19. He shared his health status on his Instagram page starting with the statement, “No games being played”. He followed it with statements that how he tested positive for coronavirus despite “being careful”.

He advised strict adherence to the quarantine guidelines and advised people to stay at home. He said he feels much better however and would continue to receive in his home.

9. Debi Mazar

Deborah Anne Mazar, simply called “Debi”, an actress and television personality announced on Instagram that she had tested positive for coronavirus, with a prompt capitalized “I AM OK”.

She joined the long list of celebrities with covid19 on March 21.

Unlike Idris and some others who are asymptomatic, Debi had a low-grade fever, sore throat, dry cough, and headaches. The long list of symptoms prompted her to get tested.

She is “tough” according to her, as she was able to endure the recovery stage by herself right at home. She sent goodwill and many thanks to her fans in her Instagram post.

10. Harvey Weinstein

Surprisingly, Harvey Weinstein made it to the long list of celebrities with covid19. The announcement particularly drew a lot of world attention. The reason isn’t far-fetched. Harvey moved from being a revered film producer to a convicted sex offender in the United State.

He tested positive for coronavirus while in the Wende Correctional Facility in New York where he is currently serving a 23-year sentence for third-degree rape and first-degree criminal sex act. The news broke out on March 22, becoming one of the two inmates of the correctional facility tested positive for coronavirus.

He was self-isolated and has now recovered from the virus.

Other celebrities with covid19 in the entertainment industry include: 71-year old rock singer Jackson Brown, Musical actress Laura Bell, Geto boys rapper Scarface, CNN anchors Chris Cuomo and Brooke Balwin, Marianne Faithfull, John Taylor, Grammy-winning singer Kenny Edmonds (Babyface), Jennifer Aydin of “Real Housewives of New Jersey”, Singer Sara Bareilles, Leading Broadway musical Actor Brian Mitchell, Adored actor Colton Underwood, Indira Varma of Game of Thrones, Music Producer Andrew Watt, Spanish Opera Singer Placido Domingo, Keyboardist, and Songwriter David Bryan amongst many others across the world.

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The sporting world has been hit hard with the covid19 pandemic. In Italy, where the Serie-A is being played, a large death toll has been recorded. Football leagues, NBA sporting activities, amongst many other upcoming sporting events has been halted.

This decision was made because of the large crowd of these events. It’ll be too risky to continue them in this period. On top of that, several athletes have been reported to have tested positive for coronavirus.

Many tested before the general calling off of some leagues while some announced later. Popular names on the list of celebrities with covid19 include;

1. Callum Hudson-Odoi

The young Chelsea Football Club player was one of the first names to emerge from the footballing industry. He joined the list of celebrities with covid19 when he tested positive for coronavirus on March 12.

The test was prompted after he fell ill with mild cold while within the club’s training facilities.

He, however, posted a video on Instagram a day later announcing that he feels much better and is recovering well. A few days later a follow-up video was made to announce his full recovery from the virus.

2. Kevin Durant

On March 17, Brooklyn Nets released a press statement that four of their players had tested positive for coronavirus. One of these players is the two-time NBA championship winner Kevin Durant.

After he made it to the list of celebrities with covid19, he spoke to “The Athletic”, a sports outlet. He noted that he feels good and will ensure to be careful. The other members of the team who traveled with them were asked to remain isolated with close monitoring by the team’s medical staff.

3. Mikel Arteta

The Arsenal Football Club’s first team manager joined the list of celebrities with covid19 on March 12. He gave the whole footballing fans a shock when he announced that he had tested positive for coronavirus. The 37-year old manager was the first person to test positive to the virus in the English Premier League.

An official club statement confirmed that he began to self-isolate and the Training Centre was closed. He further shared a message to his fans on his twitter account telling them to calm down and that he’ll bounce back soon.

He has since recovered and is stuck at home just as every one of us who can’t continue our jobs in this pandemic.

4. Rudy Gobert

Rudy became the first NBA player to make it to the list of celebrities with covid19. He tested positive for coronavirus on March 11. After the incident, the NBA put a hold to the 2019/20 NBA season.

The Utah Jazz Centre player reached out to his fans via Instagram, thanking them for their support. He also apologized for jokingly touching a press conference microphone and asked people to be extra careful.

After his announcement, his teammate Donovan Mitchell also announced the next day, via Instagram that he had also tested positive for coronavirus.

5. Fernando Gaviria

The Columbian cyclist announced that he had tested positive for coronavirus on March 12 via an Instagram video. This was after returning from a UAE Tour racing for the Team Emirates.

He said his announcement was to clear rumors about his health and to send awareness about the deadly disease.

6. Blaise Matuidi

The Juventus first-team player announced on March 17 that he had tested positive for coronavirus. A club statement confirmed that the French midfielder was asymptomatic, and self-isolated at home.

Days later, teammates Daniele Rugani and Paulo Dybala joined the lists of celebrities with covid19. With Italy being the worst-hit country, the Serie-A and other footballing activities were quickly suspended indefinitely.

7. Marouane Fellaini

Fellaini joined the list of celebrities with covid19 on March 22. The former Manchester United player announced that he had tested positive for coronavirus on Instagram.

He was the only player to come from the Chinese Super League to have tested positive for coronavirus.  After completing his treatment at a hospital in the City of Jinan, he has been fully discharged and has returned home.

Other celebrities with covid19 from the sports industry are Sir Kenny Dalglish, Fiorentina Striker Dusan Vlahovic, NBA star Christian Wood, Paulo, and Daniel Maldini, Dmitry Strakhov, James Dolan, Norman Hunter amongst many other.


Times like this call for proactive measures from leaders around the world. Hence, while discharging their duties to keep their people safe, many political figures have tested positive for coronavirus.

1. Borris Johnson

UK Prime Minister, Borris Johnson, on March 27 made it to the list of celebrities with covid19. He tweeted a video that he self-diagnosed the virus. This was suggested when he started developing mild symptoms of the virus. Affirmatively, when his result came out, he tested positive for coronavirus.

He announced that he will self-isolate and continue his political duties via video-conferencing while further voicing that the fight against the virus must continue.

2. Prince Charles

The British royal house favorite, Prince Charles made it to the list of celebrities with covid19 when he tested positive for coronavirus on March 25. A spokesman from the British throne communicated this news, adding that he displayed mild symptoms prompting the test for the virus.

The Queen and the Duchess of Cornwall, his wife who recently came in contact were also tested afterward. Results showed that both women are free of the virus.

3. Francis Suarez

The Miami mayor shared a video on Twitter announcing that he had tested positive for coronavirus. After his March 13 announcement, the Mayor has been giving updates about his heart through daily “digital journals” as he noted.

He also uses these digital journals to create awareness, share the efforts of the local government against the virus, and the different measures the public needs to take.

4. Masoumeh Ebtekar

The Iranian Vice President joined the list of celebrities with covid19 on February 27. With over 73, 000 cases already in the country and over 4,500 deaths, Iran is one of the worst-hit countries. Ebtekar’s case made it the 7th Iranian Government official to have tested positive to coronavirus.

5. Rand Paul

The United States Senator tested positive for coronavirus on March 22. That made him the first US senator to contract the virus. According to the spokesman who announced the news, Senator Paul showed no sign but got tested due to his extensive travels and events.

The spokesman further mentioned that he’ll self-quarantine and would be working from home.

6. Prince Albert II

The 62-year-old Monaco Prince tested positive for coronavirus on March 19. His inclusion in the list of celebrities with covid19 marked the second case from a royal family. The official palace statement revealed that the prince is being treated at home and would be working from home.

7. Ben McAdams

The 45 years old US representative from Utah’s 4th congressional district tested positive for coronavirus on. The US rep. joined the long list of celebrities with covid19 on March 18.

He took to Twitter to break the news himself and mentioned that he’ll self-quarantine at home.

Some other noteworthy celebrities with covid19 holding leadership positions are US Florida district representative, Mario Diaz Balart, the archduke of Austria – Karl von Habsburg, the wife of the Spanish Prime Minister Begona Gomez, the wife of the Canadian Prime Minister Sophie Trudeau, the Spanish deputy prime minister – Carmen Calvo, the Nigerian Chief of Staff – Abba Kyari, Friedrich Merz, Jeremy Issacharoff, Kozo Tashima, Nadline Dorries, Quim Torra, Irene Montero, Pere Aragones, Michal Wos, Seyi Makinde, Khalif Mumin Tohow amongst many other political figures


As of April 13, over 116 thousand deaths have been recorded.

Just as the earlier parts of this article have revealed, the deadly virus doesn’t recognize dignitaries. Several celebrities with covid19 have lost their lives to the pandemic putting the world in a panic.

Amongst these deaths are entertainers, leaders, and parents of some big figures. Some notable names that have tested positive for coronavirus and died from it include;

1. Steven Dick

The UK foreign office, on March 25 announced the death of the deputy head of mission for the British Embassy at Budapest. He had tested positive for coronavirus earlier but struggled to contain it.

2. Floyd Cardoz

The US Celebrity Chef died of coronavirus on March 25 at age 59. He earlier posted on his Instagram page that he’ll be going to the hospital after experiencing some mild symptoms. However, the iconic chef couldn’t make it through and was announced dead days later.

3. Maria Theresa

Prince Sixto Enrique, the brother of the late Spanish princess of Bourbon-Parma announced his sister’s death on March 26. He mentioned that the princess died of complications from covid19. She became the first royal on the list of celebrities with covid19 to die from it. She was honored with a funeral in Madrid on March 27.

4. Mark Blum

The 69-year-old American actor, who starred in “Desperately Seeking Susan” joined the list of celebrities with covid19. He tested positive for coronavirus and died from it on March 26. This was announced on twitter by SAG-AFTRA VP, Rebecca Damon.

5. Ken Shimura

The popular Japanese comedian, aged 70 died of coronavirus at a hospital in Tokyo on March 30. He had been hospitalized since March 20 after experiencing fever and pneumonia. He tested positive for coronavirus on March 23 before dying a few days later.

6. Manu Dibango

The Cameroonian jazz legend was announced dead on March 24. According to the Facebook post on his page, it revealed he earlier was admitted to a hospital on March 18. This was prompted after he tested positive for coronavirus. However, the 86 years old “Soul Makossa” hitmaker couldn’t make it out alive.

7. Dolors Sala Carrio

The 82-year-old mother of Pep Guardiola, the first team manager of the English Premier League football club, Manchester City died of coronavirus on April 6. The football world shared the pain with the manager by sending in consoling messages via social media.

8. Tom Dempsey

The former NFL player, aged 73, died of coronavirus on April 4. The man who was famous for once holding a record of scoring a 63-yard field goal despite having no toes on his kicking foot. Tom tested positive for coronavirus and was hospitalized. However, he gave up the ghost after suffering complications from the virus.

9. Ahmed Ismail Hussein

The popular Somali music icon died on April 8. He was revered as one of the founders of modern Somali music, as written in the post by Kayd’s artistic director. He was confirmed dead from covid19 in a post by Kayd Somali Arts and Culture.

Other celebrities with covid19 that eventually died from coronavirus include Allen Garfield, Lee Fiero, Julie Bennett, Cristina Monet-Zilkha, Ellis Marsalis Jr., Wallace Roney, Joe Diffie, Jan Howard, John Prine, Terrence McNally, Hal Willner, Andrew Jack, Alan Merrill, Jeff Shell, Tim Broke-Taylor, Nur Hassan Hussein, Eddie Large, Pape Diouf, Branislav Blazic, David Hodgkiss, António Vieira Monteiro, and Maria Mercader.


Covid19 has hit the world hard. From being a “Wuhan” dominated virus to a worldwide pandemic putting a halt to world events and activities indefinitely.

It has been revealed from the varying ages of cases reported that the deadly virus has no exceptions. This explains why our adored celebrities weren’t left out. This article shows how long the list of celebrities with covid19 is.

Aside from these big names, several unknown names have also tested positive for coronavirus around the world.

So, while we wait for a vaccine to emerge, it is very important that we follow the WHO guidelines for covid19 and promptly adhere to the Stay at home warnings.

We hope to have our world back, with our favorite celebrities, alive, hale and healthy. Who else can’t wait to hit the club soon?


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