Can Diabetes Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to get or maintain an erection sturdy enough during sex. It is common in men who have diabetes, especially those with type 2 diabetes. It can stem from damage to nerves and blood vessels occurred by poor long-term blood sugar control. Erectile dysfunction can also be linked to other conditions … Read more

Know 8 Best Ways to Prevent Complications of Diabetes

To prevent complications of diabetes keep the blood sugar level in check

Diabetes is a long-term health condition that causes high glucose levels in the body, causing damage to blood vessels, nerves, eyes, kidneys, and the heart. Therefore, keeping the sugar levels nominal is essential to prevent complications of diabetes. However, managing diabetes is not limited to controlling the blood sugar level. It goes much beyond that.  … Read more

Sugar: A Potential Cause of Depression

a frustrated woman sitting in white shirt

Depression is one of the common mental disorder that could lead to substantial impairments in a person’s ability to take care of everyday responsibilities. According to research millions of adults in the United States are living with depression and there is a significant increase in the total number of diagnosed cases of depression each year. … Read more

Type 2 diabetes- what you must know

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Diabetes is one of the most prevailing health conditions around the world. However, ongoing researches in recent years have improved diagnosis, treatment, and knowledge about type 2 diabetes, allowing for better prevention and management. What is Diabetes ? Diabetes is a chronic medical condition in which sugar, or glucose, levels build up in the bloodstream … Read more

Understanding How To Manage Diabetes Mellitus

Doctor checking a patient's sugar levels with the help of a glucometer

Diabetes is a disease that occurs in a person when blood sugar level or the level of glucose in the blood is too high. It is a condition in which body’s inability to produce or respond to the insulin that results in the abnormal metabolism of carbohydrates and leads to an increased level of glucose … Read more

Understanding The Effects Of Gestational Diabetes

A doctor taking a blood sample to check for diabetes

Gestational diabetes is one of the most common health problem faced by pregnant women. A large number of pregnant women are diagnosed with this type of diabetes. A proper treatment of gestational diabetes is essential as if is not treated properly, it can cause health problems for a mother and for a fetus. Gestational diabetes … Read more