Can Chronic Pain Affect Your Immune System?

The immune system is like the security system of our body. If a person has strong immunity he or she will automatically be protected from many types of diseases. With the spread of the coronavirus and the whole pandemic has made everyone go inside their homes. 

It has been stated by the medical authorities that a strong immune system helps you to protect your body against the coronavirus. Your immune system works like a shield against all the pathogens that try to attack your body. If the immune system would not have existed our body would get exposed to parasites, bacteria, viruses, and all other microbes that would harm your body. 

How The Immune System Protects Your Body?

The immune system is not concentrated on one part of your body. The components of the immune system form a full network throughout your body. All the cells and the tissues fight off the invader. Not only cells or tissues, but the immune system also comprise of the organs.

The white blood cells are also known as the leukocytes are the important components of the whole immune system. These circulate in the blood vessels in the bloodstream.The leukocytes are on a constant lookout for any foreign substances. As soon as the white blood cells find this substance they start to multiply in great numbers and signal the other cells to follow for the same. 

The white blood cells further located in the lymphoid part include the thymus, lymph nodes, spleen, and bone marrow. The white blood cells are also divided into two types which are known as the phagocytes and the lymphocytes. 

The phagocytes consist of the mast cells, neutrophils, monocytes, and macrophages. The phagocytes absorb all the pathogens and then breakdown and engulf them. The lymphocytes make the body remember if the body gets the same pathogen attack again. The lymphocyte consists of the B lymphocytes and the T lymphocytes. 

How Excessive Pain Can Affect The Immune System Of Your Body?

With the coronavirus pandemic at rising people have now become more and more concerned with how the immune system can be strengthened to its full capability. The two factors that can affect your immune system are:

  • Stress due to any external or internal factor
  • Chronic pain due to a stimuli 

Researches in the labs have shown how chronic pain can have an impact on the functioning of the immune. Even the chronic pain signals to the change in the DNA for a change inside the T cells. Though it is not shown how much change is impacted on the DNA makeup there is a link between the change in the marker of the DNA and the pain. 

Pain can certainly cause stress in the body and sometimes even for a very long time. Stress not only affects the immune system but also the neurological as well as the endocrinal system. If the stress remains then there is a rise in the cortisol in the body causing a decline in the functioning of the immune system. 

Patients who are already suffering from any autoimmune diseases are also given immunosuppressive medicines. These patients are also at risk. Counting the factors such as the response to the stress and no physical activity for a long time can increase the blood pressure. This further makes you gain weight and heart diseases. Those who suffer from chronic pain are often put at risk of cardiovascular disorders. 

If you wish to curb down the effects of the paint on your immunity do activities that will pull down the response of your body to stress. Techniques such as yoga, breathing, meditation, exercises, or therapy with the psychiatrist can calm you down if you get an anxiety or panic attack that might bring you stress. 

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What Can Help In Pain Management?

Pain management can be done through several processes. It is important to manage your pain the right way with the right treatment. It is advised to the patients to take a proper consultation with the doctors regarding pain management. 

Some of the pains by which chronic pain can be page are listed below. These methods might work in case of emergency when some chronic pain might be causing stress to your body:

  • Medications to control the pain 
  • A heating pad or cold pack to reduce the swelling. Heat packs can help in injuries in joints or muscles.
  • Massage- should be done only on the softer tissues. Do not take this as a long term therapy.
  • CBT or cognitive behavior therapy can be a strategy to manage pain.
  • Weight loss. Click here to read how weight loss can help in pain management
  • Acupuncture- should always be administered by a professional

It’s better to take the proper consultation and advice of your doctor regarding how to manage pain better and how to curb it down in case of emergencies. Keep medications and other stuff handy in case of any emergency that might arise.

How To Strengthen Your Immune System?

Following are some handy tips that will help you to strengthen your immune system naturally:

  • Get Good Sleep: It is recommended for the adults to get at least 8 to hours of sleep every day
  • Eat More Green Vegetables: Green vegetables and fruits contain the elements to help your body fight against any pathogen
  • Intake Of Healthy Fats: One can get healthy fats in olive oil or salmon which helps to decrease the inflammation caused by any external stimuli.
  • Limit Your Intake Of Sugar: Sugar might increase your chances of obesity
  • Stay Hydrated: Every person needs to take at least 8 glasses of water or more every day. 
  • Get Some Physical Activity Done Everyday: Do not be physically inactive for a long period. Do a brisk walk or work out for 45 minutes daily. 

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