Calorie count concept per day is the biggest lie

People are becoming more conscious about what kind of diet they are consuming every day. They always have a check on the calorie count of the food they are taking. Every gulp of food bite makes them calculate their calorie count concept. What are they eating as per calorie count concept is worth eating or not? Will the calorie count of a certain food makes them fat. Is the right amount of diet is followed throughout the day or whether they have failed to follow their calorie count concept chart for the day? These stress level in following the calorie count is very trending these days.

Misconceptions about calorie count per day

There are so many mobile apps these days that make good money out of calorie count and calorie count concept based diet charts. But, people have failed to achieve their weight loss goals even after following the strict diet plan as per calorie count concept based charts.

There has been a misconception over calorie count on a huge level. It is the biggest misconception that following a calorie count concept based diet chart will help you manage your weight. It is totally not going to happen in any case.

The calorie count concept is not associated with weight. To lose weight it is always required to work out with a good diet plan. Nothing is going to happen if the calorie count is followed. There is a person who claims that they have followed a good diet plan based out of calorie count per day. But they are lying. They are only sharing the half-truth with you. In fact, they have been doing more than that. They have been exercising too.

It is easier to understand with the example that why the calorie counts per day and the whole calorie count concept is a big-time lie.

As per the weight management standards, the inactive female requires 1500 to 1800 calorie count per day whereas the super active woman requires 2300 of calorie count per day. If the inactive women consume more than 1500 calorie they tend to increase their weight. But if they take less amount as per the calorie count per day measures then it will help them to lose weight easily. This woman has started its day with a heavy breakfast that has sugar containing milk tea, some fried food whose calorie count is equal to calorie. Then she intakes the lunch comprising of 3 bread, a handful of cereals, a bowl of vegetable with a diet aerated soft drink that counts equal to 464 calories. At evening time she consumes a fried snack with sugar-containing milk tea whose calorie count is 216 calorie only. The dinner time arrives and the dinner has some combination of boiled foods that has a calorie of 384 calories. So, the final calorie count per day as per calorie count concept is 1480 calorie which is less than the required one.

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But anyone who has done the diet before or even have a basic idea of calorie count concept and intake of daily calorie count in diet will easily say that it is not going to work in any scenario. Therefore, it is clear that calorie count has nothing to do with weight management.

Where do we go wrong then in following the calorie count?

It’s about the misconception of calorie count integrated with the metabolism of the body. The calorie word means the amount of energy intake in the body. It has no connection with the metabolism of the body. Metabolism is the reaction series of biological reactions. For example, some people eat a lot but do not gain weight due to their metabolic rate of the body no matter how many calorie intakes they have in a day. But on the other hand, people with less metabolic rate tends to gain weight even when they have less calorie intake.

There are some foods that can be used to maintain metabolic rates of the body like green tea in which antioxidants are more, so it helps to improve metabolic rate.

What needs to be done then to attain a healthy body?

To attain a healthy body, do not depend on calorie count fully. It is always good to have a balanced diet. A balanced diet is something which contains everything but in smaller proportions. The daily exercise routine is good for weight management programs. Always be specific of the quality of foods that is intake by you per day. If you have taken a rich calorie meal at lunch, go for boiled food or no food that day to make a balance in the body. The proper weight loss concept is based out of metabolism maintenance of the body which is different for everyone. Some have good metabolism so even if they eat more calorie they tend to digest it without any weight gain problem. So, focus as per your body requirement and stay healthy and happy always.



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