Cholesterol-The Silent Killer

cholesterol the silent killer

Cholesterol is an organic molecule that is waxy and fat-like in texture. Cholesterol is found in all cells of the human body. It composes about 30% of all animal cells and is essential for the sustenance of life. It is not possible for animal cells to survive in the absence of cholesterol. It is by … Read more

What to eat for Cancer Patients?

A woman supporting another who is fighting cancer

A healthy diet is always a symbol of a healthy lifestyle. Opting for good food choices could make you have a great life ahead. Cancer patients have to go through so many treatments and therapies that they sometimes lose energy and faith. But, having a positive mindset and energy within oneself could help to fight … Read more

Introducing You To Integrative Cancer Medicines

A woman fighting cancer in a hospital

When a person has cancer, he makes all the efforts to cure it in every possible way there is. Many people rely on integrative medicines to get an effective cure. It is a combination of medical drugs as well as some complementary therapies to get rid of the tumor. The complementary therapies maybe acupuncture, massage, … Read more

How 3 treatments could cure Cancer?

A woman post chemo therapy

There are over 200 types of cancer that have been diagnosed till now. The innovation in the field of cancer treatment are no less however, its effectiveness depends on the detection stage and the type of cancer. Some people undergo only one treatment while others may have to go under multiple treatments. There are also … Read more

Promising Natural Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Sexual health is essential, and so is sex drive, linked to various benefits ranging from a healthier mental state to a stronger immune system. This is the reason why the treatment of erectile dysfunction is downright essential. Apart from affecting a person’s sex life, the sexual disorder can also hamper an individual’s confidence to a … Read more

How to Handle Psychological Erectile Dysfunction?

Psychological erectile dysfunction can affect your sex life.

For the longest time, Erectile Dysfunction was considered to be triggered by physiological factors alone in men. Now the world has realized while erectile dysfunction may be predominantly a biological concern among males, in many men, erectile dysfunction has psychological components as well. Psychology is often the influencing factor in males who experience symptoms of … Read more

Are you aware of Malignant Hypertension?

A person keeping tab on their malignant hypertension

A spike in the blood pressure that develops gradually and results in something dangerous like organ damage is termed as Malignant Hypertension. This case is also called Hypertensive Emergency because a normal blood pressure is 120/80, but when it reaches to 180/120, the fatalities could emerge. It is generally considered as a medical emergency. Accelerated … Read more

Let’s Talk About Different Types Of Cancer

A woman getting treatment for cancer in hospital

Cancer, it all begins when a group of abnormal cells starts gathering in the tissues, forming a tumor. Soon these contentious cells start spreading to other parts of the body and this is when the condition takes the fatal face. It can start at any time, anywhere in the body. The organ that hosts the … Read more