Turn Out Your Aging Into a Blessing. Know-How?

While you age, there are a lot of insecurities and common problems to cope with. Old Age is something one needs to accept in real-time. There is a huge paradox of lifestyle changes that comes with the biological aging process. Be it career changes, physical changes, mental changes, etc. Learning to adjust to changes is … Read more

How To Prevent Twisted Testicles?

A man feeling pain due to twisted testicles

An Issue that is unavoidable by men, an emergency that can be painful. This condition is the most common in men, making the groin area sore. What does testicular torsion feel like? The most common cause of an emergency related to the male genitourinary tract is extremely painful testicular torsion. Men have two testicles that … Read more

Omicron Vs Delta: Which is the Stronger Variant?

The Omicron Virus

Omicron is a pressing menace that the world is facing. The legacy of Coronavirus refuses to give a halt to the pandemic. On the 26th of November, 2021 the World Health Organisation announced the classification of a new variant B.1.1. 529. The same day, the variant was named Omicron. Within no time, the variant has … Read more

Why Is Cardiorespiratory Fitness Crucial?

A woman breathing in open air

The extent of the capacity of the circulatory and respiratory systems to provide oxygen to skeletal muscle mitochondria for energy synthesis during physical activity is referred to as cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF). CRF is a powerful, independent predictor of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and all-cause mortality in persons with a low or unhealthy CRF. Cardiorespiratory endurance is … Read more

Genital Herpes: The Facts You Need To Know

A woman suffering from herpes below her lips

Genital Herpes It is a sexually transmitted disease caused by the herpes simplex virus(HSV). It can cause pain, itching, and sores in your genital area. The initial symptoms of genital herbs are often painful and contagious, even if you have no visible sores. Genital herpes can’t be cured but can ease your symptoms by reducing … Read more

Know More About The Condition Of Chest Cold

A child sneezing

Do you have a problem with coughing all the time? Do you have a cold or a cough that has been bothering you for several days? Are you always wondering if these chest cold symptoms are a sign of something more serious? Given below is the critical information about this illness.  A chest cold is … Read more

Ways to Live Your Live With Paraplegia!

A man on a wheelchair

Do you know someone who is paraplegic or is your loved one dealing with the same? It’s critical to educate yourself on the condition and how to manage it. Paraplegia is nearly often caused by damage to the brain, spinal cord, or both. The most prevalent cause of paralysis is a spinal cord injury to … Read more

Is It Normal To Have Different Size Testicles?

Just like other body parts, testicles size also varies with every individual, usually with no harmful effects. Testicles are oval-shaped sperm-producing organs with an average size of 4x3x2 cm. Many men get scared seeing their testes of different sizes. This is something very common doubt among men, and many feel awkward about asking it even … Read more