Are Anal Fistulas Recurring? Know Where You Are Missing!

What Is Anal Fistula?

An anal fistula is a small tunnel-like structure that develops between the bowel and the anus tract. This tunnel-like structure is usually caused due to infection near the anus that reached the tract causing a collection of abscesses in the nearby tissue.

When the abscess drains away, it leaves a small channel behind, causing a tunnel. With the passing time, this tunnel gets collected with abscesses making the infection severe or even worse.

The best and the only way to treat anal fistula is to drain out the abscess stuck inside the tunnel and close the tunnel’s openings end. Then, once the tunnel is dry, you can say the infection is treated.

How Is Anal Fistula A Matter Of Concern?

Fistula can cause many complications if left untreated, such as bleeding while excreating, burning sensations during bowel movements, constipation, difficulty sitting, walking, and even standing.

In addition, difficulty in excreting waste from the body will slowly start affecting the systems, with the passing time, it will start applying pressure on the liver, blood flow due to uncertain bleeding, and severe infection in the anal tract that will keep on increasing day by day. 

Still, leaving it untreated will lead to cancer. In addition, a severe fistula can make you cry like hell every time you move, even during sleep.

Therefore, before it gets too late, treat it immediately.

This is not worse; what makes fistula worse is its tendency to recurrence.

Even after getting treated, the anal fistula can reoccur. If the tunnel and its opening can be closed, it can even get reopened, so many people complain about the recurrence of the anal fistula.

However, once it occurs, do not give a reason to happen again. In this article, you will see what makes fistulas recur?

What Causes Fistula Recurrence?

The basic fundamental to treating anal fistula is to drain out the abscess from the tunnel and let it dry, closing the openings. These openings, once completed, can be reopened if:-

  • You have difficulty excreting. This can be due to some of these reasons: constipation, and infection-causing burning sensation when the stool passes.
  • In fact, every action that causes difficulty in stool movement can be a reason for anal fistula recurrence.
  • Therefore, avoid consuming raw ginger, garlic, red chili, and white radish. Even if you are treated, the risk of its recurrence increases right from the next day or two once you start consuming them. Do not eat these four things for your entire life if you don’t want anal fistula to occur again.
  • You are not taking an ample amount of water, causing difficulty for the stool to move out while excreting. Such difficulty puts pressure on the anal tract and can reopen the closed tunnel. 
  • You are not adding fiber to your diet. This is something most of us do. The majority of people avoid eating fruits. Among the ones eating, most of them depend on juice rather than having it raw. Trust me, fruits will change your life if you have an anal fistula, irrespective of its severity. 

If you don’t want to go through all those complications that occurred during past surgery, keep these points in mind for your lifetime. Once you start following these things, for sure, you don’t need any other treatment.

However, once a fistula happens, you need to start taking special care of your stomach.

What Is The Permanent Solution For Anal Fistula?

Precaution is the permanent solution to the anal fistula. Although people with anal fistula have complaints about its recurrence, this happens when the closed tunnel reopens itself due to some possible reasons.

Therefore, it is something that has no end until you are not taking precautions.

Precautions after surgery are the only to treat anal fistula. If you do not give a reason for the fistula to occur, it won’t happen.

Fistula keeps on becoming severe with time; leaving it untreated is not an option, it can cause cancer. Therefore, you have to get your fistula treated.

The fistula in the anal will cause pain, burning, and difficulty every time you excrete.

An anal fistula with no or little sphincter muscle involved is usually treated with fistulotomy. This procedure involves making a cut over the tunnel and the skin in order to convert the tunnel into an open groove.

Cleaning the fistula tract and leaving it dry is the ideal way to cure the fistula. You can even say it is the only mechanism that can help treat anal fistula.

In the worst condition, the surgeon may have to place a special drain known as seton for at least 6 weeks. After placing the seton, a second operation is almost always performed immediately.

  • Fistulotomy
  • Advanced Flap Procedure: A condition in which the tissue is covered with a flap or piece of tissue from the rectum, such as trap off.
  • A lift procedure: A condition in which the skin above the fistula is opened and the sphincter muscles are spread, and the fistula is tied off.

A new treatment for Crohn’s disease has been found by injecting stem cells into the fistula tunnel.

Don’t worry about the ways of anal fistula treatment, your doctor will let you know more about the different ways, and you can choose the best for you.

Surgery for treating fistula is usually done on an outpatient basis, which means the patient can go home on the same day.

However, people with severe fistula and deep tunnels may have to stay in the hospital for a few days after the surgery.

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Can Fistula Be Treated Without Surgery?

The fistula does not heal on its own, you have to get treated. In allopathy, almost every case of the fistula is treated with surgery, while in Ayurveda, the fistula can be easily treated with organic medicines without undergoing surgery and side effects.

The surgery for the fistula involves the motive to balance between getting rid of the fistula while protecting the anal sphincter muscles and can cause incontinence if damaged.  

Ayurvedic medicines do not even show any side effects, while allopathic doctors do during surgery with medications that increase complications and the risk of side effects. 

What is so unique in ayurvedic medicines and not allopathic?

See, the difference is that ayurvedic medicines will slowly drain out the abscess and make the tunnel dry. This consequently causes the fistula tunnel to close.

This process takes time that depends on your severity. 

After the completion of the treatment, you will be asked to take precautions from 4 things for a lifetime in order to avoid its recurrence, those are raw ginger, garlic, red chili, and white radish. If you follow this, you will not have to face anal fistula ever again.

So I guess, it’s better to take precautions rather than undergo surgery as it does not assure us that fistula will not happen again.

The fistula is caused due to infection and leaving it will increase the risk of developing cancer in the fistula.

The symptoms of anal fistula look similar to that of memories, so don’t get confused; the treatments for both are different from one another.

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