A Good Night’s Sleep: Calm And Full of Benefits

Doesn’t it feel heavenly to cuddle up in bed amongst the fluffy pillows after an entire day of toil and work? Nothing can match the tranquility and satisfaction of a good night’s sleep. Not only does it provide mental peace and relaxation but also innumerable health benefits. Besides, it also enables our body and all organs to relax after strenuous chores of the day. The human body is a constantly working machine that requires an adequate amount of rest and sleeps in order to perform impeccably. A good night’s sleep refers to a quiet and satisfying 7-8 hour-long sleep. Every individual, despite the hectic chores of the day, should get a good sleep at night in order to compensate for all the activity and chores of the day.

Firstly, a good sleep impairs stress. One of the gravest problems the world is facing today is stress, which can even lead to heart and neurological ailments. No matter whether your day went in performing best in class or finishing the presentation in the office, a good slumber will definitely cool you down and even help your brain to rejuvenate for the upcoming challenges of the next day.

Since anxiety and tension pave a way for heart diseases, a relaxing night regulates the blood pressure, hence keeping the heart-healthy. It has been noticed that many adolescents and adults go for a nap in case of tension or sadness. This is because the body sends impulses that generate sleepiness in order to provide the person with some rest and peace. Researchers have concluded that people who sleep for less than 7-8 hours a day are at a greater risk of incurring heart diseases and strokes. Besides, the power of a nap also extends to maintaining our blood sugar levels. Since fewer hours of sleep reduce insulin sensitivity in blood, it is definitely better to spend cozy nights rather than spending life on sugar-free food!

For our ladies and beauty queens, quality slumber does wonders to the skin too! It helps to clear up skin enabling us to welcome the morning with a healthy glow. Poor sleep leads to an increase in the stress hormone – cortisol, which increases skin conditions like acne and eczema. It is commonly seen that the skin quality lowers during days of high stress and work. It also leads to clearly visible dark circles and puffy eye bags as well as dryness and wrinkles. So, why not catch up a good nap before tomorrow’s concert or meeting?

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One of the most beneficial effects of good slumber is reduced cancer feasibility. During sleep, melatonin is produced by the brain which has antioxidant properties and prevents damage to cells, thus protecting us from cancer. Less sleep means low levels of melatonin, hence increased cancer susceptibility. According to reports, night shift women workers have higher rates of breast cancer than women who sleep normal hours. This is due to abnormal melatonin production due to irregular sleeping patterns. Well maintained sleeping patterns not only prevent cancer but also allow cancer victims to recover easily. Hence it acts as a great bane for deadly diseases.

Students usually complain of forgetfulness and anxiety before exams. This again is due to lack of sleep. A good night’s sleep helps in retaining and improving memory as it enables the brain to relax and not overdose on any arena. Continuous studies or any other activity strains the nervous system and reduces productivity. Our brain, like any other piece of equipment, requires rest and relaxation in order to work appropriately. Therefore a decent eight-hour sleep before any exam increases the productivity of the brain.

Finally, the human body is dependent on sleep for its proper functioning and maintenance. During sleep, the muscles of the body are temporarily relaxed and all the repairing of worn-out cells takes place at a higher rate. The immune system hunts for troubles and terminates them during this period of time. Although we might be sleeping, the human body carries out its functions in a more precise manner, thus protecting us from all kinds of ailments.

If such are the benefits of sleep, why not start a healthier life by gifting ourselves and our system with it?

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