9 Herbs That Works Wonder On Cancer

Cancer, the fatal disease caused by the development of abnormal cells in a tissue that don’t stop until they spread in the entire organ and consequently, the body. As we already know, there are over 200 types of cancer that have been diagnosed by now. There have been various treatments and therapies introduced for the treatment of cancer, that have shown great results so far. But, every treatment also comes with some long-lasting side effects that a person may have to experience. This is the reason that some people use various herbal remedies at an early stage so as to reduce the growth of cancerous cells.

Following are lists of some herbs that helps you in lowering the effects of cancerous cells:

  • Cat’s claw: The scientific name of Cat’s claw is Uncaria Tomentosa. It is a powerful immune-stimulant that augments white blood cells to clean up the process. Being an adaptogen, it could reduce the size of a tumor, especially in the case of skin cancer. It can reduce the side-effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. It is initiated by the body for healing. It is also helpful in reducing the signs of breast cancer. Tumor necrosis factor-alpha is a substance responsible for inflammation. This herb works in powerful ways of stopping the production of it.

  • Astragalus: Its scientific name is Huang Qi. It is a Chinese herb which has an immune-stimulating effect that is helpful in reducing side effects from chemotherapy. This herb also reduces the side effects of some medicinal drugs taken in order to reduce the growth of cancerous cells. It effectively safeguards the immune system of cancer patients from the side effects that could take place while undergoing treatments like chemotherapy and radiation therapy. It also eases symptoms like nausea and weakness. It is also helpful in fighting bacterial infections and the treatment of heart disease as well as diabetes.

  • Bloodroot: It is a flowering plant usually found in North America which has shown consistent neoplastic activities. Its scientific name is Sanguinaria Canadensis which is used for the inflammation, cough, nausea that are some side effects of cancer. It works as an antiplaque agent in the treatment of cancer. It compresses the tumor of Cancer and it has proven useful with sarcomas.

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  • Echinacea: It boosts the immune system and helps in relieving cold as well. It is a coneflower that helps in fighting cancer and giving a boost to the immune system. It also helps in chemotherapy and radiotherapy. It relieves the side effects of brain cancer.

  • Berberis Family: It is a strong active laxative helpful in fighting against cancer. It is a bush that grows in Europe and North America. The scientific name is Podophyllum Peltatum that outperform brain cancer drugs. It helps in reducing the side effects of cancer. It has a strong action against cancer cells especially in ovarian cancer that happens in women.

  • Curcumin: It is also known as turmeric root that has significant anti-inflammatory activity. It slows down the growth of cells that lead to cancer. Turmeric has an anti-cancer effect which shrinks the tumor of cancer and helps in inhibiting the blood supply growth to tumors. It has been shown to produce apoptosis which plays an important role in getting rid of the cancer cells. It also prevents the cell from bifurcating and reaching out to other parts of the body.

  • Goldenseal: This herb has two components berberine and hydrastine that contains anti-inflammatory properties which slow down the growth of cancer cells and kills bacteria, fungi in the infections. The berberine element found in it inhibits the growth of a variety of tumors. The results have been found possible when it has been tried in rats. It still needs to be tested on human beings.

  • Sweet Wormwood: It is another Chinese herb that targets cancer cells through various pathways. It has anti-cancer properties that kill cancer cells. It helps in supporting the immune system. 

  • Allium sativum: Allium sativum, also known as garlic is another herb that is often used for the prevention of cancer. Studies have reported that an adequate amount of intake of garlic reduces the risk of developing tumors and has other beneficial effects such as anti-atherosclerosis, antifungal, blood lipids, anti-microbial and it also stimulates the immune system in the body. Allium sativum contains more than 100 useful constituents such as alliin, alliinase, allicin, S-allyl cysteine, diallyl disulfide, and diallyl trisulfide. These constituents inhibit the activation of carcinogen, the enhancement of detoxification and protect the DNA from any activated carcinogen. Damage to DNA in the body is one of the main cause of the development of cancer. The extracts of garlic are known to block covalent binding of carcinogens to DNA, it improves immune responses and enhances the degradation of carcinogens. 


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