8 things to never do while having sex

Sex is not just making your partner achieve orgasm but it is a form of art that needs practice and innovation to master it. First, you need to follow some rules, and then you have to break them. However, there are some sex-related rules, that you should never break. It will make you a charming and hot gentleman, who knows how to handle women and satisfy them inside out. 

Here we have compiled a list of things you should always avoid while having sex.

Skipping Foreplay

Foreplay is crucial for a successful sexual session. It makes the woman more vulnerable and prepared for intercourse by elongating and lubricating the vagina. This is a myth that women orgasm vaginally and the ultimate satisfaction only require penetration and propulsion (i.e. going deep and fast). Whereas the truth is; women need about 15 minutes of foreplay to reach prime physical arousal. Men need to be creative and tasteful during these 15 minutes. Your foreplay plan can include erotic massage, oral sex, use of sex toys and heavy petting depending upon your partner’s likes and dislikes.

Focusing on the Clitoris

Clitoris and breasts are a bit overrated in the world of sex. Men are convinced to believe that these two are the only source of sexual stimulation in women and you can control her sexually by playing with them;  which is true to some extent. But wait! Did you know that clitoris and breast give very strong sensations to her body which is not the best way to initiate the seduction process? You should rather go slow by exploring her waist, lips, feet, and thighs.

Missing Out On Intimacy

While one night stands can be a success without any intimacy, it plays an important role if you are planning to stay together for a period of time. A sense of intimacy makes the partner feel wanted and adds to the contentment of sex. This is more of an emotional need than a physical one, but the need for ‘emotional arousal’ increases with time in both men and women. Getting intimate with someone includes deep conversations, slow yet passionate kissing and honesty in bed.

No preparations beforehand

Sex should not look like a Monday morning- which we are not ready for. Instead, there should be a spark and excitement for the plans at night. This point is applicable to both the partners and they ought to be willing to work equally on this. You should be ready with something to woo each other and get into the mood. It can be anything which you both like as lights, music, lubricants, pillows, and so on.

Assuming an end

What should be the end of a sexual session? When are both the partners satisfied once, or twice, or are tired enough to sleep in the middle of intercourse? Well, the answer is- it depends. The end of a sexual session depends on their preferences, in terms of duration, positions and so on. Remember, what worked for your ex-partner may not work for your current partner. And you need to be open for the situation when both of you want different things from each other.

Being boring and predictable

We develop a flow of having sex with the course of time. As a result, our moves also get monotonous and gradually we get boring and predictable to our partners. And this, my friend, is not the best thing to do in a relationship. We understand it is not easy to come up with something new on a daily basis, but you can always spice things up by trying new positions, routine, and flavors. Believe me, if you are habitual of having sex only at night; orgasming in daylight is a big change.

 Last but definitely not the least, taking consent from your partner makes you a gentleman and more manly. This condition does not apply if she likes you to dominate her and force yourself on her.

Not taking consent- Last but definitely not the least, taking consent from your partner makes you a gentleman and more manly. This condition does not apply if she likes you to dominate her and force yourself on her.

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