7 Ways To Lose Fat From Legs

Many times, we want to reduce fat from the specific part of the body; it can be the belly, arms, legs, thighs or even the face. Considering the variety in body parts, each body part has its own set of exercises to follow. As summer is approaching, we thought of writing about ways to lose fat from legs as you must be looking forward to flaunting them by wearing shorts, half pants, and summer dresses.

1. Increase caffeine intake

We all have always believed that toning of muscles can be only achieved by exercising and ditching all the fat you have in your kitchen. Luckily enough,  one easy way to get rid of all that thigh fat is falling for a habit that you must be having already- drinking coffee. According to research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, people who have diets supplemented with caffeine significantly increased their metabolic rate, and they, on average weight shed more pounds, as well. 

2. Do calf raises

You don’t have to pack in two-a-days to turn those skinny calves into lean, mean muscle machines. Doing calf raises throughout the day, whether you’re waiting for the train or brushing your teeth. It can help tone your lower legs, build muscle, and boost your metabolism, helping you shed any fat that’s hiding your muscles.

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3. Do penguin walk

Penguin walk may not be the most attractive of exercises, but you will soon feel the burn in your inner thighs, which is a positive start. Stand in a wide plié position with knees and toes turned outwards, then start walking forward two steps and backward two steps, holding the position. Repeat for one minute.

4. Love lunges

A stretching exercise and a toning exercise all in one? Yes, please! Lunges are a great way to relax some of the tight tendons in your legs while giving you a lower-body burn. In addition to toning your leg muscles, lunges also require that you keep your core engaged, making it easier to whittle your waistline, too.

5. Increase calcium intake

While calcium is generally thought to be primarily beneficial for bone health, it’s also crucial for building strong muscles. Calcium is essential for encouraging muscle contraction, which promotes muscle growth. Fortunately, for those who need to shed fat on their legs, calcium-rich foods can also help them feel the burn; research published in the journal Obesity reveals that increasing calcium intake promoted significant fat loss among obese study subjects on a calorie-restricted diet. 

6. Go intense

When you want to lose leg fat, it pays to be the hare, not the tortoise. Fast, intense exercises, like sprints, are one of the most effective ways to shed fat quickly. Research published in the Journal of Obesity reveals that shorter periods of intense exercises, like sprinting, are just as effective at reducing body fat as longer periods spent exercising at moderate intensity, so go ahead and add some quick sprints to your routine.

7. Make your citrus game strong

Having a chemical-filled protein bar sounds exotic after having a kick-ass workout, but we would rather recommend you to add some citric acid to your routine in order to get leaner and more toned legs in no time. As a study published in the Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition finds out, est subjects whose diets were supplemented with polyphenols found in citrus fruit burned significantly more fat than those given a placebo. Considering the fact that citrus fruits are also loaded with inflammation-fighting vitamin C, you have the perfect after-exercise snack.

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