7 Ways To Give Your Wife A Healthy Retreat This Women’s Day

We understand women’s day is all about celebrating womanhood and pampering women in your life. But, at the same time, woman’s day is a symbol of empowerment and independence among women community; and we at Cheap Medicine Shop, relates both of them with a healthy body and mind.

For most of us, celebrations are all about having junk and party all night; which is not healthy at all. This time, you can try to give things a twist with adding a pop of health consciousness to your plans. This article can be extra beneficial for you, if you and your partner are more into health and enjoy it at the same level. You can also show care to your wife by doing the following things and intend to be responsible for her well being. Of course, you can do the following things any day, but doing it on woman’s day can add a bit of sparkle and thoughtfulness to your woman’s day plans.

1.  Massage her head- Make her feel special with a good session of oiling and head massage. It will not only make her feel relaxed but give her hair much-needed nourishment. You can add up drama to it by playing instrumental music and lighting up scented candles.

2.  Arrange a spa session- We understand that not everyone has the expertise to give a proper massage. So, if you already know you are bad at it, then we would advise you to skip point 1 and focus on this one as you don’t want to hurt her head and spoil the day. Rather, arrange a spa session for her. Spa and beauty parlor are an important part of a woman’s life as they make her confident and graceful. Sadly, many women just ignore themselves while managing work or family, or both. Let her relax her body or get a makeover while you can prepare for the surprise at home.

3.  Upgrade her gym membership- If your wife enjoys gymming, then you can gift her an upgrade in her gym membership, or hire a personal trainer for her. If she always wanted you to join her at the gym, you can also give it a try as it will make you healthy and her happy at the same time.

4.  Schedule a complete health check-up- Women are quite arrogant and ignorant when it comes to healthcare. A lot of them just ignore their problems or assume them to be a result of stress. They are not easily convinced of the fact that the human body is just a machine and needs regular examination for various organs. This woman’s day, take her for a complete health check-up that includes eyesight, cholesterol, thyroid, etc.

5.  Go Shopping- Before you think I am being extra and shopping can never be healthy, let me clarify that I’m not talking about shopping for designer bags or shoes. But, you should take her shopping for things 80% of women ignore. Yes, it is lingerie. Women’s breasts keep changing their size every now and then, and it is a fact that 80% of women wear ill-fitted bra throughout their life and many of them keep wearing the same sets for years. This can lead to back pain, breast cancer, and so on. As embarrassing as it sounds, gets her breasts measured, and treat them with brand new comfortable innerwear.

6.  Prepare a healthy meal for her- While we were just talking about surprises, cooking a healthy meal is the one you should do on this woman’s day. There are thousands of recipes you can find on Google or youtube, and they don’t require you to be a pro in cooking. Healthy dinner, wine, and candles- you are all set for the night.

7.  Cuddle with her- When was the last time you creased her back and just cuddled for a while? Married couples usually lack a sense of emotional intimacy as they get too used to the physical one. Make sure you spend good 30 minutes whispering with her in bed before you guys head up for anything else. Cuddling and heart-to-heart conversations in bed are signs of a healthy sexual relationship.

Hope this list helps you to celebrate women’s day in a healthy way. Share it with people who you are sure, must be struggling to plan for their partners. Thank us later!

Happy International Women’s Day.

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