6 Routine Activities That You Didn’t Know Are Making Your Health Happy

The world is swamped. Everyone has a lot on their plates and all our days are spent figuring out what is to be done and how is it to be done. Amid all the chaos of living and kicking, what suffers from a dire lack of attention is our health. If you make sure to get your body checked up on a routine basis, exercise well and eat healthily, you deserve all the appreciation for doing what’s essential but has been placed at the bottom of maximum people’s priority list. 

But the good news is that there are several activities that we do on a drill that heedlessly benefits the body. You don’t even know but your basic activities add the nourishment to your mental and physical health that you should give to your body on purpose. 

So here is the list of few activities that you do on a regular basis with vague intentions that help to keep your health in check. 

P.S. Start doing them more often.

1. Colouring/ Drawing

You might be doing it out of a hobby hitherto, but the fact is, this hobby has gone a long way in benefiting your mental health. Research has proven that drawing or colouring reduces stress and relaxes the body. It even helps to reduce depression and anxiety to a great extent. Colouring simulates a mental state that is synonymous to meditation and one session of colouring can reduce depression and anxiety for a minimum of 10 minutes a day. 

It has also been recognised as the medium to express feelings in adults.

2.  Cooking

Cooking undoubtedly makes sure the intake of a healthy diet since homemade food is better than any other food. Food that is cooked at home is low in calories, as much as 130 calories less than the food at restaurants. This sounds like a jackpot for your heart’s health. Moreover, eating homemade food ensures keeping a check on obesity as well. 

An added advantage, cooking is a fun activity if done in the company of a loved one, serving extra laughs and giggles in your plate of health.

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3. Helping someone

Often we’ve been told to help those in need since it is a good deed. If this prospect if helping others does not entice you, here is what may- helping or volunteering can boost your mental and physical health to a great deal. It has been scientifically proven that helping can induce satisfaction of mind and relax the brain. Physical benefits of volunteering include lower blood pressure, better mood, reduced stress, even longer lifespan. Studies have proven that people who do not experience the joy of helping very often, have a thirty percent shorter lifespan than the ones who do.

4. Knitting

Here is the debut of the most unexpected entry. Not even in dreams, anyone could have guessed that activity as normal as knitting can help to boost the mental health of a person. 

Science says knitting involves a repetitive course of action for a long period of time, enhancing concentration, reducing stress and better brain functioning. So if you’ve given up on the old habit of knitting, pick up the needles again and get going.

5. Gardening

 Gardening has been scientifically proven to be beneficial for the human body. If you’ve always loved the sight and smell of a garden, your love for horticulture may reduce your stress and depression. Advanced benefits of gardening include protection against dementia. Needless to mention, gardening involves a good amount of physical activity that helps a great deal to maintain the body’s fitness. That’s just one more reason to keep nature close. 

6. Petting an animal

There is no doubt that pets are the best stress busters. Petting an animal is like having a best friend who never complains. However, recently science has approved the health benefits of petting an animal, proving as a boon to your animal love. Playing with animals can help a person to reduce stress and feel happier than before. It lowers the blood pressure, reduces cholesterol and helps to cope up with the feeling of loneliness. 

One obvious advantage of petting a dog is the physical exercise that you go through while taking your dog for a walk on a routine basis. 


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