6 Great Health Benefits of Curry Leaves

Herbal and natural products as an alternative to medicines have been used for centuries throughout the world. Multiple studies have been conducted to investigate the safety and effectiveness of different natural products. One of the highly beneficial products is curry leaves.

Curry leaves, also known as Murraya koenigii is one of the most commonly used leaves in small quantities for seasoning and to add flavor. Curry leaves are used in various herbal medicines. These leaves have a feebly acidic taste which retains their flavor and other qualities even after drying out.

Curry leaves are highly intense and the most important constituents responsible for its characteristic features include Gurjunene, P-caryophyllene, Pelemene, and O-phellandrene. Curry leaves are highly beneficial that contain many pharmacological properties such as anti-diabetic, antimicrobial, cholesterol-reducing properties, and anticancer.

Here is the list of some of the health benefits of curry leaves:

1. It treats skin problems

Curry leaves are said to have an amazingly positive impact on skin health. It is considered to be an alternative medicine for multiple skin disorders. These leaves contain a very strong antibacterial, antifungal, and antioxidant property that helps in fighting infections and leads to the treatment and prevention of various skin disorders.

Many times, skin disorders are followed by exposure to harmful ultraviolet radiation, and curry leaves protect the skin against the damage caused by harmful ultraviolet radiation. Various essential oils are present in curry leaves that are used for sun protection.

Also, curry leaves are highly used in cosmetic products that guarantee a result. These leaves have a positive effect on skin disorders due to pigmentation. It is effective in treating white patches caused on the skin due to pigmentation.

2. It reduces blood glucose level

Diabetes is one of the most common metabolic disorders as millions of new cases are diagnosed with diabetes each year. Diabetes mellitus is a disorder that is characterized by a high glucose level in the blood, resulting from impaired insulin production, impaired insulin action, or both. Insulin is produced by the pancreas and when the pancreas fails to produce sufficient insulin, it causes type 1 diabetes and when the body fails to use produces insulin effectively, it causes type 2 diabetes.

Curry leaves are known to regulate the level of glucose in the blood. Curry leaves contain various constituents that can have a major impact on the glucose level in the blood. These leaves not only lower the glucose level in diabetic patients but it also prevents the development of diabetes in non-diabetic patients. It is known to induce the effectiveness of the pancreas to produce insulin.

3. Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a common bone disorder. It is a chronic bone disease that is defined as a reduced bone mass and deterioration of bone tissues. It makes the bones very weak and prone to fracture even after a small fall. Strengthening the bones is essential to reduce the risk of suffering from osteoporosis.

Curry leaves help in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis by providing an adequate amount of nutrition to bones. Curry leaves are highly rich in vitamin A and calcium, which are vital to maintaining bone health. Calcium is the most important nutrient in the bone. In fact, it is the primary bone-forming mineral and is important in all stages of life.

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4. Hair fall

Hair fall is a common problem for most women. Every now and then women complain of suffering from hair fall and other hair-related disorders. There are various herbal products that are known to have a positive impact on hair by reducing hair fall. Herbal products are highly liked by people due to their efficiency and safety.

Curry leaves are one of the natural products that reduce hair fall. It contains various essential oils that make the hair healthy, strong, and long, both internally and externally. It also provides the hair with all the essential nutrients required to maintain healthy hair. Not only through consumption, but curry leaves can also be used as a hair mask.

5. It reduces the risk of heart disease

A large number of people across the world are living with heart disease and millions of people are at high risk of suffering from heart disease. There are several risk factors contributing to heart disease such as high cholesterol levels. High blood pressure, and diabetes mellitus.

Curry leaves help in reducing blood glucose levels. Along with blood glucose levels, curry leaves have a beneficial impact on cholesterol levels as well. When the bloodstream has high low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, the risk of heart disease increases, and when the bloodstream has a high level of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, the risk of heart disease decreases. Curry leaves work by increasing the level of high-density lipoprotein and decreasing the level of low-density lipoprotein.

6. It helps in digestion

Problems with digestion are not new. Curry leaves are known to be effective in enhancing proper digestion. Curry leaves contain many constituents that help the stomach digest food and flush out all the extra waste from the body. Curry leaves are also beneficial in treating one of the most common digestive disorders, constipation. Constipation is problems with bowel movements. Having a hard and less quantity of stool for at least thrice a week is known as constipation. Curry leaves help in treating constipation by improving the functioning of the digestive system.

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