6 Foods To Avoid To Get A Pleasant Smile

Who doesn’t want teeth as bright as pearls? The trend of white teeth in America has immensely increased during the last few years. A brighter smile can boost your confidence and self-esteem. But, considering the food we all eat and the lifestyle we follow, it can be a bit difficult to achieve and maintain that perfect white smile.

We have compiled a list of 7 foods that you must avoid if you want to save your teeth from decay and that yellow tint in a long term.

1. Berries

We all love berries for their deliciousness. But, your teeth do not love them as much as you do. The juice and skin of blueberries is a natural semi-permanent dye, so it follows that if you eat many of them, your teeth will be stained. The good news is that the staining isn’t permanent, but at the same time, the staining would be blue. Do you want to look like as you have just tasted the ink from your pen? We suggest flossing nicely after having any kind of berries.

2. Pickles

Undoubtedly pickles add up a lot to the taste, but they are not very teeth-friendly due to their acidic nature. All that tart, delicious, vinegary acidity will actually do damage to your enamel in long term. We can totally relate with you if can’t ditch them completely. Team Cheap Medicine Shop suggests you take care of teeth once you are done with enjoying them. You should brush them gently after 20-30 minutes of your meal. Make sure to not brush your teeth just after you have pickles, as it may harm them even more.

 3. Wine

The case with wine is so much similar to the pickle; and trust me we’re all sad about this fact. High acidity in red wine chews away at your enamel and those oh-so-delicious tannins can cause stains. Wine may be responsible for teeth that have turned shades of gray—which, unluckily, is harder due to those yellowish stains. While your favorite wine may not help your pearly whites stay that way; recent research suggests that it may actually help fight cavities. It justifies drinking wine, in moderation of course.

4. Dark Soda

This is quite an obvious one. While we always teach the kids not to have a lot of soda, we keep enjoying dark diet soda every day, like diet coke. Unfortunately, the same drink is making your teeth weak and stained. Every sweet, bubbly sip is full of enamel-wrecking sugar and phosphoric or citric acid. If cutting soda out completely is impossible, try drinking lighter-colored ones.

5. Dark Sauces

Dark sauces, such as tomato sauce, soy sauce, ketchup, and balsamic vinegar, are among the foods to avoid if you want whiter teeth. If you belong to the club who can’t ditch sauces at all, you should really work on eating protective food beforehand in order to reverse the damage. Get your hands on some salad, as broccoli and lettuce will help you enjoy all those yummy sauces and saving your teeth at the same time.

6. Citrus Food

You can totally blame acidic fruits and vegetables as lemon and tomatoes if you notice any yellowish tint to your teeth. Even though they’re nutrient-packed, these colorful eats can erode the enamel, which might expose the yellow-hued dentin, which is the tissue beneath the enamel made up of mostly calcium and phosphate crystals. There are many cases where people feel over-sensitive to citric food and can’t tolerate them at all.

Now that you know why you are unable to achieve that bright smile, try to reduce the intake of the above-mentioned food items. Stay healthy, keep smiling!



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