5 Yoga Postures Diabetes Patients Must Try

Diabetes is a disease in which the glucose level of the body is too high. A high level of glucose in the body is related to many health issues and it is considered a serious health problem. Diabetes has become a common problem among people and many people are suffering from it. Medication is an essential thing in order to treat any health problem but yoga can work miracles and increases the efficiency of the medicines.

1. Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)

Dhanurasana is considered a beneficial posture that helps in improving many health issues. It improves the functioning of the pancreas and intestines and is an effective exercise for diabetic patients. It helps in producing the right amount of insulin and glucagon that controls the sugar level of the body. It is beneficial for both type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes.

 Step by step guide to do dhanurasana

  • Lie down on your stomach, keeping your legs straight and arms on the sides of the body. Also, Let your chin rest on the floor. 
  • Breathe out, bend your knees and hold your ankles with the hands. 
  • Breathe in and raise your chest, head and thigh as high as you can 
  • Keep your arms straight and all your body weight should be on the navel.
  • Maintain this position for seconds and then breathe out and return to your initial position. 

2.  Ardha matsyendrasana (Spinal Twist)

Ardha matsyendrasana is said to be the most effective yoga posture to treat diabetes. It is useful for diabetics with a concentration on the pancreas. It is also useful in reducing the stress that triggers diabetes and can affect the health of diabetics. Other health benefits of this pose include regulating the secretion of bile and adrenaline, relieves back pain, increases the oxygen supply to the lungs, etc.. 

Steps to do ardha matsyendrasana 

  • Sit with your legs extended out in front and sit with an extended spine
  • Bend your left leg in an order that heel of the left foot lies next to the right hip. 
  • Now, place your right leg next to the left knee, making it over the knees.
  • Keep your spine erect and twist your neck, waist, and shoulder towards the right. Look at the right. 
  • Hold the pose for at least 30 seconds and breathe deeply. 
  • Breathe out and release your waist, shoulder, and neck. Sit in a straight position. 

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3. Halasana (Plow Pose)

Halasana provides many health benefits and its benefits can be seen in diabetic patients as well. It normalizes the glucose level of the body and acts as an effective treatment for diabetes. It massages all the internal organs of the body and leads to the right amount of production of insulin in the body. It is also helpful for those who suffer from hypertension and to some extent hypertension is correlated with diabetes. 

Step by step guide to practice halasana 

  • Lie on your back and keep your arms by your side, keeping the palms facing downwards. 
  • Breathe in and lift your feet to make an angle of 90 degree
  • Now, raise your waist and legs and allow your legs to make an angle of 180 degrees. 
  • Take your legs over the head and make sure your toes touch the floor. 
  • Hold this position for around 30 seconds and then return to your initial position. 

4. Padangusthasana (Head to toe pose)

If you are suffering from diabetes then practicing padangusthasana can be a natural, safe, and effective way to improve your condition. It regulates all the symptoms of diabetes and also alleviates stress which is one of the greatest causes of uncontrolled diabetes. It is also helpful for hypertension. 

Steps to practice padangusthasana

  • Stand straight and keep your feet apart. Make sure that your legs are straight.
  • Lift your kneecaps outward by contracting your thigh muscles and bend forward. 
  • Move your head and torso together and aim to touch your forehead to your knees. Hold your toe with the fingers.
  • Straight your elbows, breathe in and lift the torso
  • Breathe out and bend towards your toes again.
  • Repeat this procedure a few times. 

5. Paschimottanasana (seated forward bend)

Paschimottanasana is the easiest and the simplest posture that helps in treating diabetes. It helps in regulating the blood glucose level of the body and it is very easy to practice this posture. 

Steps to practice this posture 

  • Sit straight with your neck and spine erect, with hands on the side and legs straight on the ground.
  • Breathe in and slowly raise your arms till the point your arms become perpendicular to the ground.
  • Keep your palm inwards and stretch.
  • Breathe out and bend your back in such a way that your arm, hands, and back are in one line. 
  • Grasp your toes, keep your elbows next to the knees and head resting on the knees. 
  • Hold the posture for a few seconds and return to the initial position. 

If you know someone who is suffering from diabetes then share it with them to help them improve their glucose level the body. Also, share your opinions in the comment section below. Stay Safe, Stay Healthy!!

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