5 Ways To Outlive Cabin Fever

You can easily get confused with the term “cabin fever”. If you think that it is a fever that you could get in an airplane cabin or the cabin of your office, you are mistaken. It is actually a state of physical or mental weariness that a person feels when he/she is confined to a room or has been isolated for a long period of time. This condition especially persists during winters when you have to stay indoor unwillingly. According to a new study conducted by Environmental Science and Technology, if you move into greener living spaces immediately, it will increase your mental wellness and the positive effects would last for a longer period of time. The condition of cabin fever could also manifest due to depression, anxiety, irritation, etc.

You can survive cabin fever with these 5 ways:


1.Go outside every day

Try to go for a short leisurely walk for at least 30 minutes a day. Get some vitamin D. You can also jog, run, or do some light exercises under the sun. In winters, you might not want to go outside as the chilly winds make your driveway cold but getting out will let the sun reach your skin even if it’s just your face. It allows your body to produce Vitamin D, which will elevate your mood. Ultra Violet(UV) therapy is also a good solution. You can also pick up some winter sports like ice hockey or snowshoeing. It could be fun as well.

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2. Pick an indoor hobby

Opt for some indoor hobbies like art and craftwork. You can do some tangible work. With a little creativity, you can add some fun to your home and decorate it with great stuff. You can grab some useless stuff like plastic cups, old cans, etc and create something useful. Engage your mind in something creative to combat winter blues. 

3. Change your diet

Eating healthy is always necessary for a perfect body. If you want to get rid of the desire to stay under warm covers, it is important to change your diet. Lean protein which is high in omega-3 fatty acids has usually been found to be effective in improving the mood. You can include food items in your diet that are helpful in regulating the mood.

4. Avoid the intake of alcohol

Excess consumption of alcohol can momentarily feel like a dream come true but then very quickly it turns into a nightmare. Instead of constantly pounding on ale, it is important to consume it in a limited dose.

5. Be alone:

It’s not necessary to always be around everyone. You can take some “Me Time” and go for a brisk walk, enjoy a cup of coffee by sitting on a bench and appreciating the beauty of nature. 

That’s all fellas!!! Read it and share it with your friends and family to spread awareness. Stay Fit Stay Healthy.

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