5 Tips to Travel Safely During Pregnancy


It is perfectly safe to travel during that time duration, you’ll still need some time to plan all the things and also add a few precautions. The first question arises that whether the woman is safe and fit to travel during their gestation period. If your pregnancy is maturing normally, and you are taking every step right, make air travel your pick since it has been considered safer among women as compared to traveling via train or bus.

We present 5 tips with the help of which you can enjoy a happy journey while being in your pregnancy period:

1. Consider your gynecologist first: The first rule for traveling in pregnancy should be to get your healthcare provider’s opinion first. If your doctor tells you that you are fit to commute, then you are good to go. Just because most of the emergencies take place while in the first or third trimester, so it is more important to pay attention during that time period. You can also ask your doctor about the actual status of your baby. Women with high-risk pregnancy should be extra conscious, if they can avoid traveling during that phase, it would be better.

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2. Gather your medical records: It has always been advised by the doctor to keep your medical records with you no matter where you go. Prepare a list of important contact numbers that you will require, keep all the copies of your prenatal chart, all your previous medical reports.The chart should include your age, blood type, your name, contact number of your healthcare provider etc. If you are also planning an extended visit, look for a place to stay where there is a prenatal care nearby.

3. Check your health insurance policy: First of all, it is important to find if your insurance covers pregnancy complications during your travel to the intended organizations. If not, it is important to contact your health insurance provider and get a policy.

4. Be prepared for the unexpected: If you are already in your third trimester, and you are preparing to plan a trip, always be prepared for anything unexpected to happen. You can join an auto club that provides road services in case anything happens.

5. Keep all the medications in handy with you all the time: Always be careful to pack a sufficient supply of prescription medications so that your journey does not get ruined. You can anyways buy medicines from an online pharmacy as well. You may even need prenatal vitamins, other prescription medications etc in order to be safe from any of the complications. Keep all the medications in a bag which is easily accessible by you.

These 5 tips will help you in traveling if you are in your gestation period. Stay Safe Stay Healthy.


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