5 Tips To Boost Sex Life

Sexual function is an important determinant of health and well being. Problems with the sexual health are increasing rapidly and it affects the lives of both the partners. A healthy sexual relationship is important to maintain the happy relationship, therefore taking care of sexual health is important.   

1. Maintain physical activity

Regular physical activity can greatly contribute to the improvement of the quality of life in terms of overall health. Doctors believe that exercise has an ability to increase potency in men as reduces the risk of many health problems that can be the cause of sexual dysfunction and it also improves blood circulation which is important for satisfies sexual activity. According to numerous studies, exercise can act as a natural Viagra. Viagra is one of the most recommended medicine to boost sexual activity. It is believed that pelvic floor exercise improves the control over ejaculation and increases intravaginal latency times in men with premature ejaculation. Some studies have also linked exercises such as push-ups, crunches, and weight lifting with the testosterone level in the body. It is suggested that exercises increases the testosterone level in the body and hence enhances the sexual function. Furthermore, the positive effect of physical activity was noted on mental health such as reduction in stress, reduction in the level of anxiety and depression and improvement in sleep. Directly or indirectly these factors affect sexual performance.

2. Healthy diet

Many evidences exist that demonstrate that there is an association between the diet and men’s sexual health and low calorie diet seems to improve erectile function. The relationship between diet and sexual function is examined in several studies and it is suggested that items such as monounsaturated fats, fruits, and vegetables lower the prevalence of any sexual dysfunction. Dietary supplements influence the level of hormones which in turn influences sexual functioning. It is proved by many researchers that people who suffer from obesity and overweight are at higher risk of having erectile dysfunction and as they reduce weight through low fat diet seems to have improvements in their erectile function and the level of testosterone. Also, Vitamin plays an important role in maintaining sexual health and deficiency of vitamins can cause sexual dysfunction. Getting sufficient amount of vitamins, minerals and nutrients are vital for the overall sexual health and vitamin D is the most important vitamin that the body needs for the normal sexual functioning.

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3. Regular health checkup

Getting a regular health checkup done is the best way to ensure that you are sexually healthy. A sexual health check-up involves getting tested for all the problems that are common in men and the doctor can explain about all the necessary tests that you may need to have. Regular health examinations and tests will define your health conditions that already exist or may occur in the future. The sexual health is important for the overall emotional and physical health. There are many sexual problems that may not be apparent in the early stages and are serious for the health. Prostate cancer is one such problem which is the most common cancer and is difficult to detect without medical screening. Regular health check up can reduce the death rate from prostate cancer in men to a large extent as there are many options present for the treatment if the prostate cancer is detected at an early age.

4. Reduce Stress

Every person experiences stress at some point in life but balancing it is extremely important. Over the years, it is believed that the problems related to the sexual functioning are highly associated with stress. Stress is considered as a major risk factor of suffering from sexual dysfunction as cortisol which is a stress hormone becomes the cause of fluctuations in the levels of the hormones which are essential for the healthy erectile function. Numerous studies have suggested that an increase in the cortisol level leads to the decrease in the primary sex hormone, testosterone. Testosterone is extremely important as it is responsible for the development and functioning of all the sexual organs in men. Deficiency of testosterone is the key factor that causes erectile dysfunction as testosterone improves the blood flow to the penis region and leads to proper erectile function.

5. Quit Smoking

A large number of studies has proved a relationship between cigarette smoking and sexual dysfunction. There are evidences that support that smoking is one of the main factors that contribute in erectile dysfunction as the chemicals that are present in cigarette smoking leads to an impairment of endothelial cells and they also reduce the availability of nitric oxide. The importance of nitric oxide in the erectile function is highly known as it plays a most important role to maintain a penile erection during sexual intercourse. Also, smoking exposure leads to an impaired arterial flow to the penis. Smoking can throw an adverse effect on the entire human body and can be the major cause of many health problems which can directly or indirectly lead to sexual dysfunction.

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