5 Times You Unknowingly Pushed Your Child Towards A Bad Tooth

As we are celebrating this February is National Children’s’ Dental Health month, you would be surprised to know that According to figures from the Health and Social Care Information Centre, The number of children seen by an NHS dentist in the 12 months to 30 September 2017 was 6.8 million. This equates to 58.5 percent of the child population. This concludes the need for awareness and education related to dental care and hygiene among children as well as their parents, as most of the young parents have a hard time understanding the importance and causes of good and bad hygiene respectively.

Here is a list of things that parents are collectively doing wrong with the dental care of their young child. Go through it and save your child from tooth decay and other problems related to dental cavity-

1. Thinking ‘they are just baby teeth’- Many parents ignore the early symptoms of tooth decay as bad breath, sensitivity, and toothache. Others, take it lightly thinking they are not permanent teeth. Maria, a mother of 6 years old says, “I used to think that she is using toothache as an excuse to skip meals. Instead of taking her to a dentist, I made her finish the food on the plate; and now I regret it.” Children’s teeth are extremely important as they act as space savers for the adult teeth. So, do not ignore it when your child complains about it.

2. Using soft sprouts with their cups- Now, you must be wondering what harm those cute soft sprouts can do to my child’s teeth. So, let me tell you that they seal traps sugars and carbohydrates found in sweetened liquids, milk, juice, or other pureed foods and smoothies and results in bacteria that attack the front teeth. The acid then breaks down the PH Level in the enamel and can cause a condition known as Baby Bottle Decay (cavities in the front teeth shaped like a ring). You can use hard and long sprouts that directly reach their back of the mouth towards the molars.

3. Using normal toothpaste- it is not unusual for kids to use toothpaste meant for adults, which contain a decent amount of fluoride in them. It can be harmful to children’s dental health as they tend to swallow a large percentage of the toothpaste that they use. It can cause fluorosis of the teeth – seen as mottling, brown or white spots on the permanent teeth. It also accumulates in growing bones, making them brittle.

4. Thinking ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ are always healthy- Did you ever think how much sugar do all these so-called ‘healthy’ juices have? Can you believe some of them have more sugar than a glass of coke? Fresh fruits, vegetables, snacks, and even dry fruits can cause dental cavities in children if gets accumulated. Raisins are supposed to be healthy – one of your five-a-day – but they are concentrated forms of fructose, or fruit sugar, which reacts with bacteria in the mouth to create acid.

5. Not guiding them through the brushing process- While this point can be a bit subjective, it is quite common that parents do not teach their kids how to brush their teeth; rather they just direct them to brush them for a given period of time, say 1 min or 3 minutes. Parents need to know that the objective of a longer brushing period is to cover all areas of the mouth, not to just scrub front teeth for the whole 3 minutes. You need to spend time and effort on your child to make them reach the corners of the mouth as a whole.

Hope you find the information valuable to you. Share it with people who need to be aware of these things.

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