5 Reasons Why You Should Cut An Intake Of Sugar

Sugar is a carbohydrate that can be found in our everyday lives. When we consume sugar it forms into glucose and is transported to the entire body in the bloodstream. Our body uses glucose as energy. Some amount of sugar is important for the body but when we start consuming excessive sugar it throws its adverse effects on the health of the body. Diabetes is the most common disease that occurs due to the high level of glucose in the body. It not only leads to diabetes, but sugar also affects many other parts of the body as well.

There are many reasons why one should limit their intake of sugar and some of the reasons are listed below. 

1. It affects the cholesterol level 

People who consume excessive sugar often find abnormalities with their cholesterol level. Cholesterol is a fatty substance that is made in the liver and is released into the bloodstream. Production of cholesterol is important as it plays a vital role in the functioning of every cell but when there is too much cholesterol in the blood, it causes problems. Cholesterol is of two types, High-density lipoprotein (HDL) and low-density lipoprotein (LDL). High-density lipoprotein is known as good cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein are known as bad cholesterol. Intake of an excessive sugar leads to an increase in the low-density lipoprotein in the body which can further lead to the buildup of bad fat in the walls of the artery. It can also form a plaque and highly increases the risk of suffering from heart diseases. Also, not does it only increase the low-density lipoprotein in the body, it decreases the level of good cholesterol. 

2. Interferes with the functionality of the brain 

There is some evidence that suggests that high sugar level in the body interferes with the functionality of the brain. The glucose level in the body acts as a fuel for the brain but when the level goes too high it starts creating problems for the brain to function properly.  Consumption of too much fructose or sugar leads to the reduction in the production of the chemical that helps the brain in learning and enhances the memory. Lack of the chemical leads to the impairment of the memory. Also, sugar increases the cravings and makes a person eat more than normal. Everything we eat consists of some amount of sugar and whenever we eat, the glucose level will increase.

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3. It causes gum diseases 

The link between sugar and oral health is known to almost everyone. We all are aware that the consumption of too much sugar can cause gum diseases. Gum disease is one of the most common infection and it is an infection that is caused by the germs in the gums. It affects the soft gum and bones around the teeth. Dental problems start when the plaques are formed on the teeth and when these plaques are left on the teeth for a longer duration, it causes irritation in the gums. Sugar sticks on the teeth for a long time and increases the total exposure time. It is important to limit the intake of sugar to avoid any dental problems and in maintaining the health of the teeth. At an initial stage, gum diseases are preventable but in a more serious form, it is known as periodontitis. It is a long-lasting and serious gum infection. It has negative effects and can lead to the loss of teeth. Children are more likely to suffer from dental problems because that eats more sugary food items and drinks. Sugar is one of the key reason for any dental problem. 

4. It affects the overall weight management 

Being overweight is one of the most faced health issues around the world. Obese people often search for different ways to cut down their excess fat. Excessive consumption of sugar can be the cause of their health problem. Well, sugar plays a key role in weight management, and limiting the intake of sugar can help in reducing extra inches as well as weight. Generally, it is believed that obesity is a result of the imbalance between what we eat and physical activity. One study has suggested a link between an elevated glucose level in the body and weight gain. Also, sugar is very high in calories, and drinking or eating sugary food increases the total intake of calories in the body, which leads to weight gain. These calories are not associated with nutrients or vitamins that can be beneficial for health. 

5. It harms the liver 

Too much sugar can harm the liver as well. According to the researchers, sugar can lead to fatty buildup and can also lead to the development of liver disease. Also, obesity is one of the major cause of liver disease and there is a strong relation between sugar and obesity. Generally, most of the liver diseases do not show symptoms at an early age, therefore it is difficult to understand the issue at an early age. It is essential to take up some preventive steps to reduce the risk of liver disease and limiting sugar intake is of such step. 

Share this post with your family and friends and aware them about the negative effects of sugar on the health. In order to maintain the overall health of the body, it is essential to bring some changes in our daily lives. It can reduce the risk of many health problems and can also improve the symptoms of such health issues.



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