5 Reasons Why Cats Are The Best Pet

Cats are lovely creatures. Beautiful and wise at the same time. A true cat lover will always go around telling you that cats make a wonderful pet because of their social and hygienic traits, and the eyes which are actually synonymous to the work of art are just a bonus. There are endless myths surrounding cats that actually coerce people to think twice before petting a cat even if they desperately want to. However, once you get an insight into the silver lining that cats draw in your life, all your judgements will go down in the drain and you will take look at the lovely, little creature with utter love on every meow and knead.

Debunking the myths, here are 5 benefits of having a cat for pet that will instantly evoke a newfound love for every minou in your heart. If you are already a cat person, just sit back and cop an attitude. 

1. Cats Love To Socialise

What has been cooking on the internet lately with Grumpy Cat as the lead protagonist, is a downright fiasco in the cat world. And the irony is, all that is being said, originate from humans. I mean, can there be any creature on the planet grumpier than humans? We know that sometimes, there can be a cat who was too reluctant to allow you in near proximity but let us tell you that maximum pet cats, love to socialise. They like the presence of humans around them and have a proclivity for playing with kids. It all depends on how friendly the person is in treating them (and it should). Few pieces of research have even proved that cats prefer to play with humans than toys.

Cats know there way around with humans and socialising. If they identify a human who ignores or mistreat them, they tend to maintain a distance. Everyone who thinks that cats are antisocial and don’t love humans, the truth is, they are just selective with who they choose to let in their life based on their observation, which is actually wise. They are the kind of creatures who develop everlasting bonds with animals and humans but with the maintenance of a certain distance. Now, isn’t that wise and prudent?

2. Cats Are Hygienic

This is something that everyone will agree within a jiffy. When it comes to maintenance and care, cats are quite easy-going. You will definitely have to clip their nails off and brush their coat frequently in a month, but other than that, cats are badass independent creatures when it comes to cleaning themselves. Cats can often be spotted licking themselves which helps in making their body hair shiny and waterproof as the process induces the secretion of an oily substance from the skin. When kitties are licking their body, the sebum spreads on their coat, thereby cleaning their upper surface. It also removes dead hair or any form of budding germs or leeches. Thats not an end to the intellect of the puddums, they actually drench their claws and scrub their face, head, shoulders and other body parts and switch the claws according to the area of the body they are cleaning. What more hygiene do you expect from an animal?

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3. Cats Are Affordable

Cats are gorgeous, thankfully, they aren’t glamorous. The fact that they require the least maintenance and still manage to shine is just commendable. You don’t have to spend on special bathing or cosmetic products for them, they can do it for themselves for free. Plus, they are tiny and adjustable and can fit in nearly anywhere in the house thus saving the cost of a bed or house. In addition to their keeping cost, they are also cheaper when it comes to adoption.

4. They Are Happy With You Just At Home

If you have a cat as a pet, you know that you are totally marked safe from the drill of taking your pet out for a walk or outing from time to time. Cats lead a simple life and are perfectly happy staying inside the home with you all day long. There is nothing about staying indoors that troubles them. If you are keeping a dog indoor for many days, chances are high that once in a while you feel his sadness of staying at home all day long and take him out to play. Well! Cats are just not like that.

5. They Are Your Living Pest Controllers

Now isn’t this amazing? You are bringing yourself a new friend who will play with you and love you while clearing all the pests from your home? You don’t even need to guess that houses with cat pet are perfectly free from mouses. Now that’s quite a relief. 

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