5 Healthy Habits To Live Healthy Life

Lifestyle has a direct impact on the health of a person. Lifestyle is defined as a characteristic of a person which include day to day behaviors, pattern, functions, and diet. It is estimated that millions of people are living with unhealthy lifestyle pattern which makes them susceptible to illness, disability and sometimes even death.

The relationship between health and lifestyle is investigated by multiple studies and they observed that unhealthy lifestyle pattern is associated with various health problems such as cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, joint and bone disorders, and many more.

Generally, unhealthy lifestyle behaviors are modified or established in youth or young adulthood and this period in life is considered to be critical for the development of healthy attitudes and practices. Lifestyle has a significant impact on both physical and mental well being of an individual and this impact can occur in many different forms.  

Certain factors of health that can influence the health of an individual in various ways are as follows:

Dietary Pattern

A dietary pattern of an individual is considered to be the greatest lifestyle factor that has a direct relationship with health. The quantities, proportion, variety, drinks, and nutrients and also the frequency in which foods are habitually consumed are strongly associated with the health of a person.

It is very well known that the adequate amount of nutrients provide nourishment in the body, which contributes to overall wellness. We have always heard people  saying that eat what provide nutrients to your body. This is because nutrients play a vital role in the body. And lack of any nutrient leads to the development of multiple health problems. In some serious cases, it can lead to death.

Nutrients in the body are needed in two types – micronutrients and macronutrients. Micronutrients are those nutrients that are needed in small amounts by the body such as vitamins and minerals. On the other hand, macronutrients are those nutrients that are required in large amounts by the body such as carbohydrates and proteins. Therefore having food that provides all the necessary nutrients to the body is essential.


Many times we hear that starting a day with an exercise can help a person stay healthy and energetic and at the same time, it plays a vital role in preventing the occurrence of acute or chronic health problems. Research has shown that people who make exercise as their essential part of routine are more healthy and efficient as compared to those who do not do habitual exercise.

Exercise does not necessarily mean to take a membership of a gym and do some workout but, it simply means to involve oneself in some sort of physical activity no matter how and where. Keep your body moving. The benefits of exercise can not only be seen on physical health but also on mental health as it enhances the emotional well being of a person. It is considered to be an amazing stress buster.

When we talk about physical health, the benefits of exercise are many. It strengthens the heart muscles by maintaining desired cholesterol levels and blood pressure. It helps in burning calories and treats a global problem of obesity. Evidence suggests that a healthy person can become unhealthy or physically unfit if he or she does not practice regular exercise.

Sleeping pattern

Having a proper sleeping pattern is extremely important to live a healthy life. In recent years, people fail to understand that whenever we forfeit our sleep for whatever reason, a lot can happen in the body. Not only lack of sleep but oversleeping can also affect the body.

Evidence suggests that the lack of sleep can cause detrimental effects on health and can lead to the development of many health problems. Almost every part of the body is affected by sleep deficiency, but the brain is a highly affected area. This is because the brain consists of many nerves that are involved in many functions which include sleep.

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Multiple studies have stated that the effects of prolonged sleep deprivation on the brain are to such an extent that the damage can be compared to the effects of smoking on the brain. It can cause significant impairment in the functioning of the cognitive system.

As stated above oversleeping can also be harmful, therefore sleeping for the limited time is also important. Generally, an adult should sleep for 7 to 8 hours a day and persistently sleep for more than that can have negative impacts on health.  

Modern technologies

There is no denying that technology advancement has a positive impact on society and has helped people in many ways, primarily in saving time and energy. Life became easier. But sometimes misuse of these technologies can have negative consequences on health, such as using laptops or gadgets for a long time can affect the eyes and can also cause disturbed sleep.

Another negative effect of technology is binge-watching. Binge watching is defined as a process in which a person continuously watches episodes of any show in single sitting. The term binge is a negative term which is defined as a behavior that causes self-harm. It is strongly associated with sedentary behavior, which is one of the most common risk factors for the occurrence of many health problems, especially obesity.  

Whenever any of us overuse technologies, we are associated with decreased physical activity and increased calorie intake. The negative impacts of the use of applications or modern technologies are many such as lack of desire to work, the taste of time, eating without being hungry (increase in the intake of snacks or junk food), and no or very less physical activity.  

Harmful substances

Addiction to anything is not good, in fact, the term addiction is negative. Addiction to anything can cause a significant impact on the life of an individual. There are many harmful substances that can cause significant damage in the body and leads to the development of many chronic disorders, and many times it can lead to death.

Addiction to smoking and drinking is considered to be associated with various impairments within the body. Smoking is highly associated with the development of cancer. According to some studies, a large number of people dying from cancer are smokers and smoking is one of the main causes of cancer in them. Smoke triggers cancer. The abnormal functioning of the body cells is the main cause of cancer. The growth and functions of the cells in the body are controlled by DNA and evidence suggest that excessive exposure to tobacco can cause damage to the DNA, resulting in abnormal growth of cells and the formation of tumor.

Addiction to liquor is equally harmful. It is believed that consuming alcohol in limited amounts may not cause any serious effects, but its excessive consumption can cause many serious and chronic health problems. Many people are unaware that excessive alcohol consumption is considered to be the third-largest cause of disability, loss of health and premature disability. Almost every part of the body is affected by alcohol.

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