5 awesome ways to lose Love Handles easily

If you feel uncomfortable due to excess fat in the tummy then this post is for you. One can choose various exercises to tone a body and to get rid of love handles. But choosing the right exercise for a specific purpose is important to witness fast results. Love handles is the excess fat at the sides of an individual’s waistline. It is defined as an excess of fat accumulation around the abdominal and the hip area. 

Exercises not only help you get a perfect body but it also helps you fight various medical problems such as cardiovascular disease, depression, anxiety, sleeping problems. It also reduces the risk of developing diseases. Exercise increases energy, endurance 

And metabolism which in turn help in maintaining a healthy weight. 

There are some other factors also that contribute to the formation of love handle:

  • Age
  • Lack of physical activity
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Hormones
  • Undiagnosed or untreated condition

Love Handle hormone is not fatal, but they may indicate underlying risk factors for some chronic illnesses. They include:

  • Cancer
  • Liver disease
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Osteoarthritis

You can get rid of your pesky love handles with 5 amazing ways:

1. Eliminate sugar from your diet completely

The key is to keep your insulin levels low, so that fat reduces and keep your sugar level balanced. It will also help in preventing overeating as well as unusual cravings.

2. Opt for some good exercises

Cross-Training your core just like you cross-train your rest of the body will help in melting the excess fat. If you don’t know how to start, then out of all the waist-whittling exercises, first, go for those that target your oblique muscles. Incorporating them will most effectively affect sculpt and slim your middle section. 

Here we share some favourite exercises that can help you get rid of the extra padding around your middle section:

Battle rope waves 

Battle rope waves is one of the latest fitness trends. Battle ropes are said to be an effective tool for the upper body and it is one of the best exercises for anyone who is looking for a transformation. Adding battle rope waves to your routine provides a sneak into some cardio and it is an effective way to tone muscles and body. Battle rope waves is an exercise that makes the weak bones strong. It strengthens the grip, shoulders, hips, knees, feet, ankles and mind. Although it is an effective exercise for the upper body, it involves the entire body. Battle ropes come in different shapes and sizes and the weight of the role can vary depending on the shape and size of the rope. 

How to do battle rope waves?
  • Keep your hands apart at shoulder width and hold the rope at arm’s length in front of the hips.
  • Tightens your core and alternately raise and lower each arm explosively. 
  • Continue raising and lowering the arms for at least a minute and repeat the process to do 3 to 4 sets. 

Sit up twist 

Sit up twist is an extremely effective exercise for multiple reasons and its benefits are much more than eliminating love handles from the body. It is a great exercise for six pack abs. It also involves a huge amount of muscles in the body. Also, sit up twist improves the balance and posture of the body. Sit up twist is one such exercise that helps to dissolves the fat around the area. It involves all the core muscles and is one of the most effective exercises to shed out the extra fat. One of the best thing about sit up twist is that it can be done at home without any gym instrument. 

How to do sit up twist?
  • Lie straight on the back.
  • Now bend your knees and keep the feet flat on the floor. 
  • Take your hands behind your head and do a sit up while engaging the core muscles. 
  • When you reach the top of the sit up, take your right elbow to the left knee and move your body towards that side. 
  • Lowers the body. Again repeat the steps but this time, take your left elbow to the right knee. 
  • Repeat the process alternating sides each side. 

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Trunk Rotations 

Trunk rotations is another exercise which works wonders on love handles. It is one of the exercises that work on squads, hips, and glutes all at the same time. Trunk rotations strengthen the oblique muscles and it works towards reducing the side belly fat. It is a good exercise to build and attain core strength Trunk rotation exercise is one of the good choices of exercise and a must one to add to a daily routine. 

How to do trunk rotations?
  • Get in the position of the high plank and ensure all your core muscles are engaged. Also, do not forget to squeeze your butt the entire time.
  • Twist your torso slightly and bring the left knee underneath the body towards the right elbow.
  • Get back. Now, again twist your torso and bring the right knee underneath the body towards the left elbow.
  • Repeat the movement alternating sides. 


Plank is considered to be an ideal exercise for abdominal muscles and to tone a body. Plank helps to shed extra fat. It also helps in building the inner core muscles and as the abdominal muscles become stronger, the part of the body will tighten. Plank tones a body and makes it fit. Apart from its benefit on love handles, it boosts the overall fitness level. It also improves the posture and balance of the body. This exercise has a great impact and improvement on the posture and good posture ensures fitness. Adding a plank to your daily routine can provide multiple health benefits. It is one of the most effective exercises that can be done at home without any gym instrument. 

How to do a plank pose?
  • Start by getting into a plank position on the floor. 
  • Bend your elbows 90 degrees and put all your weight on forearms. 
  • Keep your torso straight and ensure that the body is in the straight line from ears to toes. Do not bend your legs. 
  • Look at the floor and let your head be relaxed. 
  • Continue to breathe normally. 
  • Try to stay in that position for a few seconds and when you are done, gradually return to your initial position. 

3. Eat protein at every meal and snack

Not only protein balances your blood sugar, but it also helps in stimulating the metabolic rate. You can incorporate some healthy sources of protein in your diet like beans, fish, nuts, seeds, dark leafy greens etc. You can eat healthy fish like salmon, or sardines that are rich in omega 3 fats, or also take a fish supplement. These will help you in reducing body fat. Omega 3 oils also increase the ability to maintain weight loss.

4. Keep your stress in check

It is easier said than done right? But, it’s true that stress is the one thing that is coming in the way of most people reach their health goals. The main problem with stress is elevated levels of cortisol that are responsible for breaking the muscle mass down and increasing the fat around the middle. If you want to keep your stress in check you can try a few things. Breathe, Breathe and Breathe! Take a yoga class, go for a brisk walk outdoors in nature. You can spend time with people whom you love and admire.

5. Include some healthy foods in your diet

Fortunately, having love handles is more of a style risk that health risk. The spare tire is made up of subcutaneous fat, which is a kind of fat that is located just below the skin and sits there. There are some food items that you can incorporate into your diet that can help you get rid of those love handles. Some of those food items include sweet potatoes, shredded wheat, black rice, white tea, corn tortillas, guacamole, Jerusalem artichokes etc.

Love handles can be the side effects of the excess fat collection in the body. An increase in regular activity and healthier eating habits can contribute to shrinking love handles as part of the overall fat loss. If you’re still unable to lose the fat from your abdominal and hip area, seek your doctor’s advice.

Share this with your family and friends to make them aware. Comment in the section below about your opinion on love handles. Stay Safe Stay Healthy.


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