3 Yoga Postures To Cure Impotence

Yoga, a state of mind and body refers to “The Union”. The union could be between the god, mind, body, and soul. Since yoga proves to be a panacea for all of the problems. Impotence is one of them.

Erectile Dysfunction is a common problem found in many men. There are multiple drugs and exercises available for the cure of Erectile Dysfunction.

One of the exercises is Yoga. It can cure all the big medical problems. Issues related to sex can easily be cured by practicing asanas of yoga.

Following are the lists of yoga asanas that need to be practiced:

  • Naukasana : It is also called “Boat Pose”. It relieves the nerve cells and releases the tension. It brings a sense of deep relaxation. It can help and enhance the sexual hormones in the body. This strengthens the muscles around the hips and thighs. This is done by lying on the floor and hands kept beside the body and feet against each other. Keep your hands straight, start exhaling. While exhaling, lift your feet and chest away from the ground. Repeat this exercise for at least 5-10 breaths. This is an effective exercise for men facing problems of erection.

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  • Kumbhakasana : Often referred to as “plank pose”, it plays a major role in combating Erectile Dysfunction. Through this yoga exercise, upper body strength can be improved. For this exercise, a person should lie flat on his stomach. Palms must be kept on the side of his face. The feet must be bent in a way that the toes are pushing the ground away. By keeping the legs parallel to the floor, use your hands to push the body against the ground and also raise the buttocks. Maintain that position for as long as you can. Then slowly bring your body back to its position. This exercise when performed regularly keeps the body fit and energizes the body.
  • Uttanpadasana : It is often called “raised leg poses”. It provides core strength to the body. It increases the performance and men last longer during sex. This pose is done by lying flat on the back. Place hands on either side of the body with the palms facing down to the floor. Lift your legs and start exhaling. Repeat this process. This is extremely effective and increases the rate of sexual activities.

These 3 Asanas of yoga are extremely beneficial for men having Erectile Dysfunction. They must be practiced for great results.



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