10 Signs To Understand What The Body Is Trying To Communicate

Your brain is a smart lad. If you think that only a doctor can tell about your body failure symptoms or anything unusual taking place inside you, you need to scrounge for all the signals that your brain conveys through the medium of body in order to communicate about a thing or two. It is a common mindset to consult a doctor or fetch medicines in case of even the tiniest offbeat activity portrayed by the human body, and ignoring the signals instead of decoding them is just not the wise thing to do. Understanding what your body is trying to say is the first step towards taking good care of your body by simply providing it with what it needs and eliminating all that is destroying it. 

Take the first step of vigilance as a custodian of your body by becoming aware of the language of human health. Here we bring you 10 signs that you should definitely learn to decode to make sure that your body is always thankful to you.

1. Cold Hands

Do you often find yourself jostling with the strange inversion where your entire body is at normal temperature while your hands are freezing as if you have straight walked through a winter storm? If this is common for you, chances are, your blood circulation mechanism is not up to the mark. You should even get yourself checked with Anemia. While blood circulation is the major cause of cold hands, other reasons can be obesity, any chronic disease like diabetes, or even anxiety. 

2. Constipation

If things are not right between you and your stomach, we have better advice than resorting to medicines. Constipation is a clear sign that your diet lacks fibres in it. Foods broccoli, carrot, grains and fruits should be consumed in more amount if you’ve been witnessing signs of constipation lately. You should also try increasing your diet since constipation is also caused due to not eating enough.

3. Dry Skin

Yes, you guessed it right. It’s dehydration. The mention of skin issues always come with a standard cause and cure of water drinking pattern but the story doesn’t end here. Dry skin for a very long time is sometimes just the way of your skin to tell you that it does not like the products you are using on it. Try replacing your soap, moisturizer, or any other cosmetic product that contains a high proportion of chemicals in it. Resort to organics because that’s what your skin likes.

4. Fatigue And Energy Drop

This is one body failure symptom that is highly prevalant in the current generation and is easily detectable and why not, it is the generation of sleep deprivation. But hang on and watch out for other causes of fatigue and energy drop which includes intake of food that is only rich in carbohydrate and not in fats and protiene. Energy derived from carbohydrate-rich food drains out real quick leaving you with a well-fed stomach but no energy. Other signals that you need to catch for are anemia, depression, inadequate diet, etc.

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5. Headaches

We all have encountered out of the blue headaches that are too painful. Chances are, the body is dehydrated or hungry. The inadequate or changed sleeping pattern also makes you feel as if the head might explode. 

Or wait! Maybe you just need to sit back and memorize how much you drank last night because well, hangover is a witch. 

6. Chocolate Craving

Now that’s one delicious way of telling someone that hey! I need some pampering. But a signal is a signal. However tempting, it’s still conveying that your body is under a lot of stress or trying to realize that you are actually sad. Well, that maybe one cute trick of your body to make you feel happier because guess what! Whenever you get a chocolate craving, devour on it.  

7. Acne

As much as the chocolate craving tempts anyone, acne is what gets on one’s nerves. Despite enough trying, if you are unable to get rid of the little demons on your face or body, chances are, there is a bigger picture. Stress, unfavorable or expired skin products, too much meat or spicy food consumption, hormonal imbalance, smoking or even the dirty phone screen or handkerchief. Now that you know, go choose your remedy. 

8. Unquenchable Thirst

It is summertime and we totally understand being thirsty is a normal thing. But there are certain cases where a hefty amount of water still can’t quench the thirst irrespective of the weather conditions. The reason may be too much consumption of caffeine which actually leaves the body dehydrated. The simple step is to cut on caffeine. Another reason can be disbalance of sodium in the body. 

9. Ice Craving

If you have been muching on the ice cubs straight out of your refrigerator while sitting on the counter of your kitchen, stop and fetch something with high iron content to eat. Urge to chew on ice signifies serious iron deficiency. 

10. Consistent Hiccups

Tell me if you have never slipped a giggle or two secretly when your friend is caught in the weird sounding hiccup spree. But the reason behind consistent hiccups for a day or two might be an indication of lung or esophagal cancer since cancer cells affect the central nervous system including the part that controls the hiccups. 

Stopped smiling? Never thought hiccups could sound that scary. 


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