08 Healthy Relationship Habits People Think Are Toxic

In today’s era, it is not at all easy to determine whether a relationship is healthy or toxic. Most people think that a healthy relationship is one in which the two of the partners love each other a lot; they cuddle with each other, kiss very often, and hardly ever fight. 

You can judge a relationship with these things. The truth may be entirely different!

This article is written with a motive of making people comprehend some of the healthy relationship habits that most people think are toxic. 

1. Setting Boundaries

The emotional requirements and limits of every individual are different, and may not be compatible with others. Therefore, it is okay to define boundaries around yourself at first go off. 

People believe that “accessibility” is one of the most significant elements of a healthy relationship. Which means a person needs to be available for his partner always. 

I believe that there is nothing terrible in setting boundaries as long as it is coming from an honest place. 

Be clear, firm, and consistent about your limits as it can benefit your emotional as well as mental health.

Yes, it may be hard to say “no” to the person you love, but you must learn to say no to the things you are not comfortable with.

2. Being Critical

If you have a sibling, parent, or a partner who is extravagantly critic for you, you might be knowing how toxic it becomes. 

As long as this characteristic of your partner is not hurting your feelings, it is not toxic.

Be calm, supportive, and always have a non-threatening tone. Your relationship can benefit from honest criticism done appropriately. Don’t be judgemental and don’t form opinions for your partner

That’s the key to a healthy relationship. 

3. Admiring Someone Else

Usually, you can get attracted to someone else other than your partner. There are attractive people everywhere across the world and its in human nature to get fascinated. But, you should stop overthinking there and then only and not react to it. 

If you carry forward this feeling of yours, your relationship may suffer. 

4. Hanging Out With Others

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean that you need to spend most of the time with your partner. Instead, give you and your partner some space and time apart from each other. 

Pay attention to your individual lives and take a step towards a healthy relationship. 

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5. Agreeing On Things

You can’t agree on everything said by your partner. Try to solve the battle by agreeing on certain things, even if you don’t want to.

When you can solve some issues just by agreeing to your partner’s opinion, why not do that.

6. Accept The Flaws Of Your Partner

Every person has some flaws, and so does your partner. People usually try to correct the weaknesses of their partners. It is the point where they go wrong! 

Realize the imperfections and accept your partner the way they are, instead of trying hard to transform them. z

7. Hurting Each Other’s Feelings

At some point or the other, you might hurt the feelings of your partner. It is quite reasonable, and it doesn’t imply you don’t love each other.

Sometimes, you may feel that accepting the truth before your partner can hurt them. It may hurt at first but will reinforce your relationship in the long run. 

8. Willingness To End The Relationship

Some people are so involved in their relationship that they forget there is life beyond their partner as well. They stop working on themself and are always available for their partners, no matter what. 

Such people get devastated even with the thought that their partner can leave them. They compromise with their beliefs and values to be with their partner. 

For a healthy relationship, you and partner should agree on ending the relationship if things didn’t work fine for them.


So, what’s the motive of a relationship? To keep each other happy, right? If you are not authentic-self in the relationship, there’s no point in continuing.

A healthy relationship keeps one motivated and energized, whereas an unhealthy relationship can leave you disheartened and isolated. 

Following the tips mentioned in the article would help improve a relationship.


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